Janissa DeCoe

Janissa DeCoe
Affiliation Rim Worlds Republic

Character History[edit]

Janissa DeCoe (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Rim Worlds Republic organization known as the Rift Republican Army during the twenty-sixth century. A former Rim Worlds Army officer, DeCoe held the rank of Colonel; evidently an extremist in her views, DeCoe was the senior figure in a force consisting of several hundred RRA members that seized the headquarters of the Eighth Amaris Dragoons on Apollo in April 2573.[1]

The headquarters of the Eighth was located at Efrimal Long and was also the site of a maximum security prison holding dissidents opposed to First Consul Gregory Amaris. Extremists within the RRA on Apollo had whipped the citizens of Eleazor up into a frenzy over Gregory Amaris' taxation policies, prompting a mass riot, and then used that riot as cover to attack the barracks while the bulk of the Eighth were out attempting to suppress the rioters. Having seized the barracks the extremists executed the captured garrison and regimental HQ personnel and jammed communications planet-wide before DeCoe broadcast the demands she and her followers had. DeCoe called for: the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Republic - Apollo being the site of a small Star League Defense Force base - an end to the imprisonment of political rivals to Gregory Amaris, and for the Republics sovereignty to be respected.[1]

Gregory Amaris reacted to the uprising with predictable brutality; he ordered two regiments of troops loyal to himself to clear out the rebels, and when initial attempts were stymied by trained anti-Mech infantry within the RRA forces he ordered that the site be razed by artillery and by air strikes. The bombardment killed almost a third of the RRA personnel, and more died when they encountered the loyalist troops encircling the site, but it isn't recorded if DeCoe survived the uprising or not.[1]


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