Janos Grec

Janos Grec.png
Janos Grec
Born 19 October 2705
Died 2802
Affiliation Star League
Profession Admiral and Director of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command
Spouse Lydia Vance
Children Isabel Grec
Katrine Grec

Janos Grec (b. 19 October 2705 - d. 2802[1]) was an Admiral and Director of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.


Born on the Capellan Confederation world of Highspire, Janos was destined to live a life in space. Both of his parents were pilots and his father's hobby was building sailplanes. Janos would continue his family's legacy of flight by joining the SLDF Flight Academy of Graham as soon as he became of age. When he was deployed to the world of Royal during Operation SMOTHER, he flew air patrols for the 160th BattleMech Division which he made the acquaintance of Captain Aleksandr Kerensky which the two would become lifelong friends.[1]

Janos would rise through the ranks, and by 2730, he was the commanding officer of the air group that was stationed on the SLS Scipio. His hands on approach, his attitude of firm but fair, and his personal work on his Gotha earned him respect from those that he commanded and from his fellow pilots.[1]

He would marry Lydia Vance in 2745 and became the father to two daughters, Isabel and Katrine. The strain of Janos' military career, being separated from his family for months at a time, began to take a toll on his marriage. He had to decide between his family and career. 2751, Janos retired from active service from the Star League Defense Force and became a teacher at the Fleet School of Keid.[1]

When the Periphery Uprising happened, Janos decided to take a leave of absence from his teaching to join his friend Kerensky on his mission to bring peace back to the Periphery. When word reached the Star League Force that Stefan Amaris has launched a coup against House Cameron and has taken the Terran Hegemony under the guise of the new Amaris Empire. The first thing that crossed Janos' mind was to rush back home to his family. Kerensky held him back and pointed out the fact that Amaris had total dominance over the Hegemony as well as reports of the use of strategic weapons. These facts helped Janos make his mind up and to re-enlist with the SLDF. He was accepted and Kerensky gave him back his old rank of Commodore.[1]

By 2770, he became commander of the Seventh Fleet, and by 2772 became the overall commander of the Star League Navy. Janos would continue proving his worth by planning most of the naval strategy used by the SLDF. The naval strategy included the use of the naval firepower and bombing missions to pound away at any position that Amaris' troops held. His greatest achievement would come from the successful invasion plan that was used on Terra during Operation LIBERATION.[1]

While the ground forces were trying to liberate Terra, Janos searched the news for any information from the planet of Keid that regarded his family. He found out that his family did in fact survive the takeover of the planet from Amaris; however, he found out that the Amaris Empire Armed Forces used a strategic weapon on the city of Kitimat, where his family was holding up, and that there were few survivors. One of those survivors did end up being his daughter Katrine.[1]

After the Civil War, Kerensky commenced Operation EXODUS which Janos and his daughter followed to escape the horrors of the war and the loss of his family. When the Exodus group finally reached the Pentagon Worlds, Janos tested out of the SLDF but stayed in an influential role overseeing the inter-planetary logistics. When Aleksandr died in 2801, Janos began jockeying for power to take control. He did it not because he was power hungry, but because he opposed Nicholas Kerensky who Janos thought was too inexperienced to lead the new society that they all were creating. When his candidacy was rejected, he began plans for creating his own proto-state.[1]

Janos did not follow Nicholas on the Second Exodus, it was his daughter Katrine who did along with her husband Rikard Magnus and their son Sergey. Sergey would go on to become one of the 800 warriors of Kerensky and be a helping hand in the creation of Clan Snow Raven.[1]

Janos Grec, would die a warrior's death in the naval battle over Dagda in 2802 during the Exodus Civil War.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Ingacio Blake
Director of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command

Succeeded by


  • The sourcebook says that he flew combat air patrols for the 16th BattleMech Division, which seems to be a typo for the 160th BattleMech Division. [citation needed]


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