Jared Travis

Jared Travis
AffiliationStone's Coalition

Jared Travis was, as of July 3076, a Captain in Stone's Lament and the commanding officer of its Recon Squad Four.


Jared was one of the escapees from Kittery. By 3076, he still suffered from traumatic nightmares.[1]

In 3074, Jared and Belle Lee had a short-lived relationship, which ended with a rejected marriage proposal.[1]

During the Sixteenth Battle of Hesperus II, as the commanding officer of Recon Squad Four, Jared helped defend a House Hogarth summer home and the art within on orders from General Thomas Hogarth. Caught by a Word of Blake battle armor advance, the squad lost two members, including its XO, Jared's longtime friend Lieutenant Davison. Jared had served with Davison for ten years, with Davison his XO for six. These members were replaced in 3076, but Jared still struggled with the loss afterwards.[1]

In 3076, Recon Squad Four was deployed to Rochelle to scout out a Word of Blake installation and, if necessary, disable it.[2] The squad reached its destination, a warehouse Luella Hildebrand identified as a tracking center for a Space Defense System, on 11 July. There, the team engaged and defeated Manei Domini cyborgs, losing Busby Matvey in the process.[3] Luella soon fired on the tracking center's systems, overloading the SDS's power grid and disabling the defense system for the arrival of Stone's forces.[4]

Soon after the Rochelle SDS raid, on 17 July, Recon Squad Four was assigned a new task: to help deal with a Blakist-backed corporation in Rochelle's capital that refused to disarm.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jared was a large (albeit smaller than Busby Matvey)[3] dark-skinned man with a deep voice.[1] He was willing to bend rules and regulations to finish missions and save lives. This ran all the way to falsifying medic Grace Luther's martial arts scores to keep the pacifist on Recon Squad Four.[2]


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