Jarod Sorenson

Jarod Sorenson
AffiliationHouse Sorenson
ParentsBlaine Sorenson (father)
SiblingsIlliyana Sorenson[1]
Katherine Sorenson[1]
Zarabeth Sorenson[2]
Ariel Sorenson[1]
Romulus Sorenson[1]
Oma Sorenson[1]
ChildrenAjax Sorenson[1]

Jarod Sorenson was the oldest child of Blaine Sorenson.

Character History[edit]

When Blaine Sorenson started an assault in the Combine, Martin McAllister used the chaotic situation to kill the ruling Coordinator Krüger Von Rohrs and his entire family in late November 2510 with the direct help of Blaine Sorenson's eldest son Jarod Sorenson, who died during the coup.[3]


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