Jason Hasek (23rd c.)

Jason Hasek
Character Profile
Died 2249
Affiliation Terran Alliance
House Hasek
Position Prime Minister of New Avalon
Profession Politician

Jason Hasek was one of the distinguished colonial military leaders during the Grain Rebellion on New Avalon in 2237.


Hasek was particularly distinguished for this bravery in the field of battle. After New Avalon was granted independence, Hasek was named leader of a provincial government tasked with creating a viable and lasting system of governance. Hasek called for a constitutional convention; this convention drafted the Covenant of New Avalon in 2239, a high-minded treatise condemning the tyrannical Terran Alliance regime and espousing democratic ideals. The Covenant later became the preamble for the constitution for the colony.

Hasek was elected by an overwhelming majority as the first Prime Minister of the new constitutional government, and served a single one-year term. However, with no constitutional right to reelection and an extremely short term served in office, Hasek's time as Prime Minister resulted in few long-lasting policies. This is not an indictment on Hasek; the subsequent Prime Ministers were equally unwilling to enact an measures going beyond their stay in office. After serving as Prime Minister, Hasek retired to his farm, retaining the honorary position of "Colonel-General" of the New Avalon planetary militia.

Jason Hasek served as Colonel-General of the militia until he died in combat in 2249. As a result of increasing stratification between "first family" land holders and their workers, private fiefdoms began increasing in power across New Avalon, eventually forming private militias and arming themselves. Just a decade after New Avalon had drafted its Covenant, small skirmishes and border wars began to break out between some of the rival "first families". When Colonel-General Hasek's militia attempted to bring martial law to the Jorgensson family, Jorgensson soldiers overpowered and routed the militia, killing Hasek in the process.

Hasek's death meant the New Avalon militia would be commanded by his subordinates, Colonel Adam Davion and Colonel Nathan DuVall.[1]


We owe our freedom to the dedication of our patriots, to the determination of our citizens, and to the valor of our soldiers. But for the support and the bravery of all who have fought for our cause, none would have lived to see this day.
  — From the inaugural speech of Prime Minister Jason Hasek, Provisional Government, New Avalon, 2237[2]
Is this why we fought the Governor-for the right to destroy ourselves?
  — Colonel Jason Hasek, 2249[1]


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