Jaunie Zywot

Jaunie Zywot
AffiliationClan Jade Falcon
RankStar Captain

Star Captain Jaunie Zywot was a Bloodnamed MechWarrior in the Delta Galaxy of Clan Jade Falcon during Operation REVIVAL.[1][2]


Jaunie Zywot heads the Trinary Alpha in the Ninety-fourth Striker Cluster. Excelling early in life, she was considered a ristar by several. Her subsequent performance in the operations on Somerset and La Grave bolstered her reputation even further. While receiving much acclaim, she has been intentional about being poised and prudent rather than overtaken by arrogance. She also possessed creative skills in the area of bladesmithing and her skill in this area was also well regarded. One of her standard works were ceremonial daggers each customized to commemorate a specific moment in battle. Warriors have received and treasured the blades she has given them.[1][2]


Jaunie Zywot piloted a Nova OmniMech.[1][2]


"Jaunie Zywot is beautiful, elegant, and even more deadly than the blades she crafts. You would do well to remember that."[1]


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