Jehan Centrella

Jehan Centrella
Character Profile
Born 2689[1]
Affiliation House Centrella
Rank Magestrix
Parents Kim Centrella (mother)[1]
Siblings Carmen Raventhir[1]
John Raventhir[1]
Children Vanura Centrella

Jehan Centrella was the twenty-eighth century Magestrix of Canopus.


Early Life[edit]


Elected following her mother's retirement, Jehan faced the pressure of the Star League being increasingly exploitative of the Periphery states. Increasingly dependent on alcohol, she elected to temporarily relinquish power to her daughter Vanura in 2738 only to find that without the responsibilities of office, she was even less restrained.[2]

Jehan did not recover from her alcoholism until 2744, by which time she had officially been stripped of office permanently.


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