Jen Li

Jen Li
Affiliation Comstar
Precentor Sian[1]

Jen Li served as Precentor Sian during the Clan Invasion, advocate Precentor on the First Circuit and overseeing command of all ComStar Hyperpulse Generators in the Capellan Confederation.


Born in the Capellan Confederation into a family related by marriage to House Liao, with her father a high-ranking official in the Maskirovka, Jen Li became a close and trusted friend of future Chancellor Romano Liao. Despite her family's ties to House Liao, Jen Li ultimately joined ComStar prior to the Fourth Succession War. While publicly a minor Adept in ComStar's communications branch, in truth Jen Li was a high-ranked ROM operative using her family ties and relationships to feed intelligence about the inner circle of the Capellan Confederation to ComStar. [2] [3]

Following increasing tensions between ComStar and the Confederation over the deployment of Com Guard troops to the nation's HPG compounds, Chancellor Romano Liao accused then-Precentor Sian Villius Tejh of selling state secrets to the Federated Commonwealth. When Primus Myndo Waterly repeatedly refused to remove Tejh, in 3041 Maskirovka agents would attempt to assassinate him during a motorcade tour of the capital. The wounded Tejh was saved by a detachment of BattleMechs from the Com Guard garrison on Sian and rushed to Terra for treatment. While the "terrorists" were never apprehended, ROM did discover they were operating under the direct orders of the Chancellor, who now threatened to forcibly eject the Com Guards from the Confederation if the spy Tejh was not removed. Primus Waterly countered that the Chancellor's assassination and threats could force ComStar to declare an interdiction of the Confederation.[2] [3]

Following a tense three-week stalemate, after Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht convinced Primus Waterly that the military option would be excessively costly, she ultimately informed the Chancellor that due to concerns about Villius Tejh's health after his recent "accident" that she would replace him with Jen Li as the new Precentor Sian. Romano Liao was delighted with the selection of her trusted and personal friend, and considered that ComStar had caved to her wishes, unaware Jen Li would continue to pass on sensitive and secret information even in her new role.[2] [3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Villius Tejh
Precentor Sian

Succeeded by


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