Jentarra Calderon

Jentarra Calderon
Character Profile
Affiliation House Calderon
Title(s) Protector
Profession Noble
Parents Reginald Calderon (father)
Siblings Brandon Calderon

Jentarra Calderon was Reginald Calderon's daughter and succeeded him as Protector in 2687.[1]


She was considered to be the most brilliant leader House Calderon had yet brought forth. Her reign was widely expected to begin a great era of prosperity to the Taurian Concordat. Her first actions coordinated a broad and deep rebuilding of the Concordat's industrial base, stellar exploration efforts and even improving relations with the Inner Sphere. Her efforts would have made her the greatest Periphery leader of all time, if she had not suffered an attack on her life in 2689. Assassins unknown had put a slow-acting poison in her clothing; it was detected before it could kill her, but not before the poison affected Jentarra's brain causing a steady mental decline. By 2694 her leadership and her health had declined so much the Privy Council was forced to vote her out of office. Jentarra was replaced by her brother Brandon Calderon.[1]

It was during her decline and the encroachment of the Star League institutions that a group of Taurian scientists and farmers led by Angelina Logan left the Concordat in 2691 to travel far beyond the reach of the Inner Sphere. After passing though most of the Magistracy of Canopus the group settled a metal-rich world named Lothario outside of Marik space. Over the next decades the Lothian League would slowly grow to a seven world alliance.[2]


  • There is no mention of any marriage or children by Jentarra, nor is the exact date of her death given.


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