Jerangle Raiders

Jerangle Raiders
Disbanded 22 May 3145
Affiliation Mercenary, Pirates
Parent Command Independent

The Jerangle Raiders were a small mercenary unit/pirate band active on Jerangle until their destruction in 3145.[1]


Circa 3145, on Jerangle, the Jerangle Raiders demanded protection money from the city of Gothenburg. The city refused, and the Raiders began conducting night raids on Gothenburg. In response, by May 3145, Gothenburg's mayor Reif Becker hired the Fox Patrol to stop the Raiders. The Raiders used diversions, feints, and force, but on 22 May 3145, the Fox Patrol destroyed them in and around Gothenburg.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Jerangle Raiders


The Jerangle Raiders used a decoy-aided diversion to distract the Fox Patrol from their 22 May attack on Gothenburg, setting up nonfunctional heavy 'Mechs alongside their Marauder to pull the Fox Patrol away from town and intimidate them. Their attempt failed.[1]

Composition History[edit]

The Jerangle Raiders, before their 3145 defeat, held poorly maintained 'Mechs: a Marauder, a Night Hawk, and two Commandos. They also possessed a nonfunctional Catapult and Galahad.[1]


The Jerangle Raiders used a swampy jungle camouflage on their 'Mechs.[1]


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