Jeremiah Youngblood

Jeremiah Youngblood
AffiliationHouse Youngblood
ChildrenJason Youngblood



Jeremiah past remains a man swathed in a great deal of mystery. He does not appear on the rolls of any academy, yet his skill was unparalleled. Anecdotal evidence suggests he knew Katrina Steiner during her time in the Periphery, and that he joined the nascent Kell Hounds at her behest.[1]

Jeremiah Youngblood was a Phoenix Hawk LAM pilot who, in 3011, commanded the Long Range Recon Patrol Lance (LRRP) of Third company, Second battalion of the Kell Hounds. This notable lance consisted of his Phoenix Hawk LAM, two Stinger LAMs and a Wasp LAM.[2][3]

While a member of the Kell Hounds, Youngblood took part in the fighting on Mallory's World. He left the unit when Morgan Kell reduced the Kell Hounds from a regiment to a single battalion following the Phantom 'Mech incident on Mallory's World in 3016.

Afterwards, Jeremiah Youngblood became a member of the original Crescent Hawks ("Katrina Steiner's personal lance") and commanded the small unit by 3028, although it is unknown when he assumed this command or when the Crescent Hawks were created. It is also noted that, after leaving the Kell Hounds.

After the Hounds disbanded, Katrina brought Jeremiah to Tharkad to lead her personal commando unit. Rumors scorched the tabloids, but no relationship between Jeremiah and the Archon was ever confirmed or denied.[1]

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In 3016 he risked his life defending Archon Katrina Steiner from a Kurita assassin saving her life. He nearly died though, and on his recovery he was rewarded with the promotion to Captain of the Planetary Security Force for Pacifica (Chara IV).

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In 3017 Jeremiah was reassigned to the role of Captain of the Planetary Security Force of the world Pacifica (Chara III). He spent most of his time from during this period looking for a lost Star League cache bunker on the world while his son Jason Youngblood was enrolled as a cadet at the Pacifica Training School.

En route to her daughter's wedding, Katrina Steiner paid a brief visit to Pacifica in 3028, during her stay on the planet. Just at this time House Kurita staged a surprise attack against Pacifica. Jeremiah Youngblood went missing when the Citadel was destroyed and was presumed dead.

His son Jason and Crescent Hawks member Rex Pearce subsequently formed a guerrilla force and managed to thwart the Kurita invasion. Following hints left behind by Jeremiah, they found and gained access to the long-lost Star League cache that Jeremiah had found just prior to the invasion. His PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM was parked within the bunker.

Jason and Rex already mused that Jeremiah Youngblood, being an ex–Kell Hounds member who had fought against Kurita on Mallory's World, might have been taken captive as House Kurita pursued a vendetta against the Kell Hounds ever since.

It later turned out that Jeremiah Youngblood had indeed been taken prisoner and was held captive on the Kurita district capital of Dieron. Under the leadership of his son Jason and with aid from the Kell Hounds and the Federated Suns, the Crescent Hawks staged "Operation Liberty", an objective raid against the Dieron prison, in the middle of the Fourth Succession War and freed the prisoners, including Jeremiah Youngblood.

At the successful conclusion of Operation Liberty and the return of the DropShip in June 3029, Katrina Steiner promoted Jason Youngblood to Captain and made him commander of the Crescent Hawks. Nothing is said about the future of Jeremiah Youngblood, who had spent several months in Kurita captivity.

After Dieron[edit]

The fight on Dieron broke something in Jeremiah. Nerve damage ensured he would never pilot a BattleMech again, so he relinquished command of the Hawks to his son Jason Youngblood and returned to Tharkad to serve as one of the Archon’s bodyguards.[1]


Jeremiah died of a stroke in 3055.[1]


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