Jeremiah Youngblood II

Jeremiah Youngblood II
Born 3052[1]
Affiliation House Youngblood
Parents Jason Youngblood (father)

Jeremiah Youngblood II was the son of Jason Youngblood and Captain of the reformed Crescent Hawks mercenary company.

Jeremiah spent his early life growing up as a "merc brat" attached to the Kell Hounds. Some time early in the Word of Blake Jihad Jeremiah was tapped to fulfill his hereditary role as the commanding officer of the Crescent Hawks elite recon and special operations unit.[1]

He lost a hand in battle with a Word of Blake Vanquisher on Arcturus on 15 May 3073.[2]


He piloted a PXH-7K Phoenix Hawk and was said to be an experienced BattleMech pilot. [3][1]


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