Jessica Chernovskaya

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Jessica Chernovskaya
Character Profile
Also known as "Glitch"
Born 2990
Affiliation Markham's Marauders
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior


Jessica Chernovskaya had a peaceful and ordinary middle-class childhood in the heart of the Federated Suns. But even in the heart of civilization, you're not safe from a glitch. It was a garbled bioscan that got Jessica committed to a maximum security prison and changed her life. After ten years, her case was reopened, the evidence reexamined, and her name cleared, but it was far too late for the kid Glitch had been. She'd learned skills on the inside, and she applied them on the outside. Killing for money is surprisingly easy and lucrative, and elite killers can command high prices for their discretion and effectiveness.


Jessica "Glitch" Chernovskaya is part of the player's starting lance in the BattleTech video game. Her default 'Mech is a VND-1R Vindicator.

The character is based on the daughter of the game's audio designer and considered a friend of the studio. Initially put into the game only for an early alpha version, the developers immediately fell in love with the voice.[1][2]

Due to her outstandingly chipper or cheeky voicelines, Glitch has quickly become a fan favorite on various streams or the game's subreddit and official forum, with some players jokingly propagating the hashtag #ShitGlitchSays.