Jessica Halas

Jessica Sophia Halas
Jessica Sophia Halas
Also known asJessica Marik
Died2 March 3148[2]
AffiliationHouse Halas
Parents"Thomas Marik" (father)
Sherryl Halas (mother)
SiblingsJoshua (half-brother)
Janos III
SpousePhilip Hughes
Thaddeus Marik
ChildrenJanos IV

Jessica Sophia Halas was the daughter of the impostor Thomas Marik and Lady Sherryl Halas.[3]


Early Years[edit]

At six years old, she and her mother survived an assassination attempt and escaped the Marik Palace on Atreus when Paul Marik launched his coup in 3070. The coup claimed the lives of her older brothers Janos and Christopher.[4]

Marriage to Philip Hughes[edit]

The engagement between Jessica and Philip Hughes was announced from Oriente on 15 July 3081.[3][5] At the time, Jessica was a seventeen-year-old student at Oriente University and Philip was a cadet scion of the IrTech family. Jessica and Philip had met at a university fundraiser held in Amur the spring of 3080 to support victims of the Word of Blake. While there was much media speculation at the time that the two had begun a relationship, it wouldn't be confirmed to the media until October 3080. There was much speculation at the time in both celebrity and political circles that the engagement was a matter of political expediency to create close ties between the industrial base on Irian and Oriente in the wake of Irian joining the Republic of the Sphere. Despite these rumors, Duke Halas was quick to comment on the marriage as a parent:[5]

While as Duchess and Duke we recognize the tremendous diplomatic and dynastic import of this union, Sherryl and I would like to say that we are far more proud of our daughter and her husband-to-be simply as parents who wish their children all the happiness in the world.
  — Duke Thomas Halas, 15 January 3081

Jessica later married Philip Hughes[3] and had five children: Janos, Julietta, decades later Elis, Christopher and Nikol.

Oriente Protectorate[edit]

When her father passed away, she was able to assume the position of Captain-General of the Oriente Protectorate in 3097. It was an easy transition since she had been trained in the art of statecraft since she was a child. As she took the reins of the nation, she dropped the surname of Halas and retook her old surname of Marik.[6]

Her love for her father was sincere and deep; she believed that he was the finest leader that the League had ever known. She wished to emulate him, and in doing so she dreamed of recreating the Free Worlds League.

She had two bitter rivals standing against her reunification efforts. Captains-General Lester Cameron-Jones of Regulan Fiefs and Anson Marik of Marik-Stewart Commonwealth.

Dark Age[edit]

When the HPG network collapsed, better known as Gray Monday, she sent her armies to take worlds from the collapsing Republic of the Sphere. She sent her elite Eagle's Talons battalion to the world of Wyatt which just had its HPG station repaired.

In 3134, she received an invitation to attend the funeral of Victor Steiner-Davion. She dispatched her children on missions to strengthen the Oriente, while secretly setting into motion Operation STORMDRAIN to strengthen Oriente efforts for the reunification of the League.

Jessica and her daughter Nikol traveled to Terra. During the course of events, she arranged for her daughter to meet rivals Lester and Anson to witness their hatred for her. She then met with Chancellor Daoshen Liao to broker an agreement for the further invasion of Republic Prefectures V and Prefecture VI.

Rebuilding the Free Worlds League[edit]

By 3137, her operations had been successful, but two of her children were attacked with one killed. After receiving verbal conditions from Duke Fontaine Marik, she needed Marik blood to cement her claim for the League and his support. She decided to annul her five-decade marriage to Hughes to marry Thaddeus Marik in order to gain the support that she needed. However, when Marik died, she re-wed Philip Hughes.[6]

In January 3138, she sent the Eagle Talons to destroy a 'Mech assembly plant on Kwamashu. A month later, she learned that her Talons had been destroyed by a 'Mech plant explosion which had poisoned the planet and triggered a war between the Orientes and Anduriens.

In August, she married Thaddeus Marik.

In April of 3139, she called Oriente's allies to fight off Regulan forces occupying Atreus, calling it Operation HOMECOMING.

On July 3rd, she was installed as Captain-General of the newly reborn Free Worlds League.


On 2 March 3148, an explosion in the Halas family palace on Oriente killed Jessica Marik.[7] The assassin responsible for the explosion named House Selaj during his interrogation, and taking this as proof of Regulan complicity in the assassination, Nikol Marik pushed Parliament to vote for an invasion of the Regulan Fiefs, which they did.[7]



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