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Angelyna Zélena

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Angelyna Zélena
Also known as'Jill Jade'
AffiliationFederated Suns

Angelyna Zélena, widely known by her pseudonym 'Jill Jade', was a thief and kidnapper captured in June 3087.[1] [2]


Before her criminal activities, Angelyna was a wealthy socialite on Muskegon. When her father suffered financial ruin and committed suicide, Angelyna turned to crime to get by, eventually getting arrested and sentenced. In prison, she learned to pilot IndustrialMechs as part of a work program, a skill she used to escape in 3080.[1]

After her escape, Angelyna adopted the alias 'Jill Jade', returning to petty crimes until she acquired a prototype Pompier SecurityMech.[1] With that 'Mech, around 3082 she began a kidnapping spree lasting years. Almost exclusively targeting high-profile male lawyers, leading some criminal psychologists to suggest a motive of revenge for sexual abuse or otherwise betrayal by a lawyer who used his connections to escape prosecution, by 3084 Zélena was confirmed responsible for a dozen abductions with Republic Armed Forces intelligence suspecting she behind almost as many more unconfirmed instances.[2]

Angelyna Zélena's modus operandi was to spend approximately one week observing her targets, their home and travel patterns before hiring locally sourced muscle to kidnap them. Once her target was secured, 'Jill Jade' would notify his next of kin (or law firm if no family existed) demanding a ransom high enough to ruin the family. If they could not agree to the ransom, she remorselessly killed the hostage and local muscle who kidnapped him. If the family agreed to a ransom, Angelyna arranged a meeting which was conducted under the guard of her unique GM-FL Pompier FireMech. Once the money was exchanged for the victim, she opened fire on both the courier and the kidnap victim, effectively ensuring any person she targeted was doomed no matter the choice.[2]

Starting in 3084, a broad multiagency force, led by Knight-Errant of the Republic Ian Blackmore, pursued her across the Republic of the Sphere. It was Alrescha junior patrolman Chris Koros, however, who eventually caught her in June 3087, engaging in an extended Pompier-Pompier duel that ended with her incapacitation and arrest.[1]


In her post-escape crime spree, Angelyna primarily piloted the unique GM-FL Pompier.[1][2]


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