Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson
Occupation Designer & Illustrator

Jim Nelson is a freelance designer and illustrator based out of Chicago. He received a B.F.A. in Drawing from Northern Illinois University. His career began in the comics industry and quickly transitioned into the game industry, where he worked for FASA for 12 years as an artist and art director.

While still at FASA in the '90s, Jim began illustrating Magic cards, and has illustrated over 100 cards for the game, from creatures and artifacts to lands and token cards. His work has been featured in products by White Wolf and Riotminds. Recently, he has been focused on work for electronic games like Hearthstone and Skylanders: Battlecast as well as books, including the children’s books, On the Shoulder of a Giant, and The Gnawer of Rocks.


Art Director[edit]

Cover Design[edit]


  • The Falcon and the Wolf
  • Jade Falcon Sourcebook

Project Manager[edit]

  • Jade Falcon Sourcebook

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