Jocelyn Siddiq

Jocelyn Siddiq
Died February 3059
Affiliation Clan Burrock
Profession Khan

Jocelyn Siddiq (d. 3059 [1]) was the final Khan of Clan Burrock. During Siddiq's tenure the Burrock leadership's long-standing ties to the Dark Caste were exposed, leading to her death and the Clan's Absorption by Clan Star Adder.


Jocelyn Siddiq was serving as Khan of Clan Burrock at least from 3048 onward and was like many in her Clan an opportunistic supporter of the Crusader movement. When the Grand Council debated carrying out an invasion of the Inner Sphere Siddiq voted for the motion, and later bid for four Clans to carry out the assault.[2] Siddiq also fought with the Fifteenth Rapier Cluster against Clan Wolf when Wolf Khan Ulric Kerensky unsuccessfully waged a Trial of Refusal against the invasion.[3]

The Burrock Absorption[edit]

Khan Siddiq, her saKhan and Galaxy Commander Seth Marghar were among the high-ranking Burrock leaders who dealt with the Dark Caste, unbeknownst to the majority of that Clan's warriors and civilians. By the beginning of 3059, however, Khan Siddiq was attempting to disentangle her Clan from its century-long collusion with the Dark Caste, but these efforts backfired as it resulted in the evidence of Burrock perfidy reaching Star Adder Khan Cassius N'Buta.[4] [1]

N'Buta brought the incriminating proof to the Grand Council, which voted unanimously for the Absorption of Clan Burrock. The Adders won the right to Absorb the Burrocks, and Siddiq took command of the four Burrock Galaxies on the Clan capital of Albion. Khan N'Buta's plan was to decapitate the Burrocks' treasonous leadership and he succeeded; within two days of the Adder assault, Siddiq was dead.[1]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Burrock
30?? - 3059

Succeeded by
None (Clan Absorbed)



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