Jodo Shinsa

Jodo Shinsa
Vessel Profile
Type Space Station
Class Olympus


The Jodo Shinsa was an Olympus-class recharge station in place at the zenith jump point of the Kaifeng system in the mid-thirty-first century.[1][2]

On the 10th of July 3058 the Jodo Shinsa was captured by forces from Warrior House Hiritsu, capturing both the station and an attached DropShip of undetermined type named the Annabelle Lee. The capture of the Jodo Shinsa was a necessary part of an attack on the planet being performed by Warrior House Hiritsu as an object lesson against the Sarna Supremacy, a proto-state within the tumultuous region known as the Chaos March that had been causing difficulties for the Capellan Confederation.[1] Having captured the station, the troops from Warrior House Hiritsu then disabled the communications equipment installed on the Jodo Shinsa completely in order to prevent any of the station personnel transmitting a warning to the planet of the impending attack.[2]


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