Johann O'Reilly

Johann Sebastian O'Reilly
Affiliation House O'Reilly
Children Gaius O'Reilly

Johann Sebastian O'Reilly was the founder of the Marian Hegemony.


In 2930 Periphery native and lostech prospector Johann Sebastian O'Reilly was searching for reputed lost caches of Star League technology on the planet Alphard rumored to have been left behind by the defunct Alphard Trading Corporation when he instead found a treasure trove of germanium worth billions upon billions of C-Bills.[1]

Johann O'Reilly immediately hired some small mercenary units to protect his newly found wealth and established a colony to serve both as a trading hub and a distraction, diverting those who would follow from the location of his find. Johann named the colony after a seven-time consul from ancient Rome on Terra, Gaius Marius, and populated his colony with refugees from across the Inner Sphere fleeing the constant warfare of the Succession wars. Johann fancied himself something of a historian, and drew on the structure of the ancient Roman Republic when establishing his new colony; he stylized himself as Imperator and streamed the refugees into the three classes of his new society - the upper class, or patricians, the middle and lower class, or plebs, and a slave class.[1]

Despite the financial reserves Johann could draw on his new Hegemony was simply too small, unable to attract the defenders it would need to defend itself against larger states but too small to attract the attention of those states. As such, the Hegemony spent almost a century as little more than a bandit kingdom fashioned after a society that had been dead for millennia.[1]


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