John A. Theisen

John A. Theisen
Born 15 June 1961[1]
Occupation Author
In-universe persona Jack Freeman, Mech Tech P.E.

John A. Theisen (occasionally misspelled as Theissen, Theison or Theisson) was a game designer and author for FASA, where he worked primarily on the Star Trek product line. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona and works there for a government agency, where he is involved in research, statistics, policy and contract compliance, trend analysis, and emergency preparedness.[1]

With regards to the BattleTech universe he is credited for writing (among other authors) in the House Kurita (The Draconis Combine) sourcebook and the Sorenson's Sabres scenario pack.

He also contributed a number of short stories, scenarios and designs to (semi-)official magazines such as FASA's StarDate magazine and BattleTechnology, as well as Challenge magazine. (The content of the former two magazines is now considered apocryphal, while third-party publications such as Challenge magazine are outright non-canon.)

Several of his BattleTechnology articles were credited (in-universe) to "Jack Freeman, MechTech P.E.", and Sandusky Sorrell was also a recurring character in his stories.

The following BattleTech units were designed by (or credited to) John A. Theisen:

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