Joint Equipment Systems

Joint Equipment Systems
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Alshain
Primary Products Vehicles

Joint Equipment Systems is a military products manufacturer with branches in the Federated Suns, Ghost Bear Dominion and Republic of the Sphere.


The Joint Equipment Systems plant on Alshain was captured by Clan Ghost Bear, but they used the facility reluctantly at best.[2] The Panpour facility remained under the control of the Federated Suns.

During the Jihad the Panpour facility suffered some minimal capital and personnel losses (around 10%), but by 3079 the factory's output was at 100%.[3] The Alshain facility suffered no personnel losses and was operating at full capacity in 3079.[4]

During the Dark Age JES constructed a manufacturing facility on the world of Zebebelgenubi in the Republic of the Sphere; this satellite facility produced a range of state-of-the-art military and industrial support vehicles, including JES' line of missile transports.[1]


Joint Equipment Systems has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Alshain:[5][6][7][8]
Component Type
Skulker[5][6][8] Tracked Vehicles - Scout Tank
Scorpion[5] Tracked Vehicles - Light Tank
Tyr Infantry Support Tank[7][8] Hovercraft - Infantry Support Tank
Odin Scout Tank[8] Wheeled Vehicles - Scout Tank
Hetzer[5] Tracked Vehicles
LRM Carrier[5] Tracked Vehicles
SRM Carrier[5] Tracked Vehicles
Wheeled APC[5][8] Wheeled Vehicles
Tracked APC[5][8] Tracked Vehicles
GM Classic ICE Skulker[5]
GM 40 ICE Wheeled APC[5]
GM 60 ICE Tracked APC[5]
GM 100 ICE Scorpion[5]
GM 120 Classis ICE Skulker[5][6]
GM 140 ICE Hetzer[5] & Zorya
GM 180 ICE LRM & SRM Carrier[5]
Fusion Engine
Type 170 Tyr[7]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Forging MHC07 Tyr[7]
ProtecTech Light Skulker[6]
Communications System
Neil 500 Tyr[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
RCA Econotrac Tyr[7]
Targeting System 2.3 Skulker[6]
ER Large Laser
Type 22g Tyr[7]
Streak SRM-4
Pattern J4 Tyr[7]


Components produced on Panpour:[9][10][11][12][13]
Component Type
JES I[9][13] Hovercraft
JES II[10][13] Tracked Vehicles
X-5 Skulker[11] Tracked Vehicles
Skulker Mk. II[12] Tracked Vehicles
Fuel Cell
GM Electric 120 Fusion Cell Skulker Mk. II[12]
Fusion Engine
DAV 190 JES II[10]
JES 15 JES I[9]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ArcShield Maxi IV JES II[10]
Lexington Ltd. High Grade JES I[9]
ProtecTech Light Skulker Mk. II[12]
Communications System
Communicator JES I[9]
Communicatorw/Guardian ECM & C3 JES II[10]
Communiqué Equipment w/Angel ECM Skulker Mk. II[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
FireScan with IndirecTrac JES I[9] & JES II[10]
Targeting System 2.3 w/Bloodhound Active Probe Skulker Mk. II[12]
Medium Laser
Intek Hellborer Skulker Mk. II[12]


The JES facility on Zebebelgenubi was located just outside the suburbs of Gray Valley City, the planetary capital, and produced a range of equipment including missile transports that were primarily sold to the Republic government but also in smaller quantities to the governments of the Draconis Combine, Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


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