Jon Jespersen

Jon Jespersen
Character Profile
Died 3073
Affiliation Jespersen family
Profession Patriarch
Children Peter Jespersen
Magnus Jespersen

Jon Jespersen was a Patriarch of the Jespersen family in the Thirty-first century.[1]


Jon Jespersen was the Patriarch of the Jespersen family, one of the nine ruling families of the JàrnFòlk, until his death by assassination in 3073. Jespersen had arranged for the proposed merger of the Jespersen family with another of the nine ruling families, the Torvald clan, through marriage to Magda Torvald. Jespersen's plan was bitterly opposed by two of his sons, Magnus and Peter. This culminated in Magnus bursting into his father's bedroom suite and assassinating him - a legal act - but also resulted in the deaths of Magda and her maid of honor (who was also her sister), who were killed during the crossfire.[1]

The deaths of Magda and her sister caused an escalating familial conflict that ultimately saw the Jespersen family absorbed into the Torvald family shortly after.[1]

Titles and Ranks[edit]

Preceded by
Patriarch of the Jespersen family
???? - 3073

Succeeded by
Peter Jespersen


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