Jon Kurita

Jon Kurita
AffiliationHouse Kurita
RankSingle commander of the Davion Front
ParentsMiyogi Kurita (father)
SiblingsDira Kurita
Rho Kurita
Miran Kurita


Jon Kurita was the son of the Coordinator of the Draconis Combine Miyogi Kurita.

He was selected by his father to be the single commander of the Davion Front after several issued there ended with AFFS strikes against the major supply depots on Towne, Mara, New Ivaarsen and Rowe.[2]

Unknown to Miyogi and Jon, this enraged Taragi Kurita, who started a secret campaign against his son and ensured that finally made him look so bad that the DCMS high command didn't want him as single commander of the Davion front.[3]

Miyogi attempted to rally his own support in the High Command to save his son, but court rumors that the Coordinator was sending an offer of alliance to the Federated Suns (in truth a smear campaign waged by Roweena's friends within the ISF) scuttled these efforts. The final act was played out by Captain Hideyoshi Toyama in 2890, a fanatical young officer in the Third Sword of Light who was desperate to avenge his unit's humiliation on Robinson. With a large explosive device strapped to his chest, Toyama succeeded in entering the Imperial Palace when the Coordinator was seeing petitioners in the Audience Hall, killing 30 people including himself and Miyogi Kurita. When word of the assassination reached the Davion front, Taragi had his ISF contacts arrest Jon Kurita, executing him for negligence and treason after a mock trial. With the death of Miyogi's only male child, Taragi became Coordinator of the Draconis Combine unchallenged.[3][4]


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