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Jonathan Wells

Jonathan Wells
Character Profile
Died May 3077
Affiliation Word of Blake


Jonathan Wells (Born ???? - Died May 3077) was a Captain in the Word of Blake Protectorate Militia on Stewart during the Jihad. In May 3077 allied coalition forces landed on Stewart as a part of operations on the Free Worlds League front of Operation SCOUR. Wells ignored calls from Star Colonel Kalvin Rosse of Clan Nova Cat to surrender to the Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy which had deployed around the Stewart capital of New Edinburgh, evidently believing that any resulting fight would either be a general melee or a series of honor duels conducted under the terms of zellbrigen. Instead, Rosse declared that all of the Word of Blake forces were the subject of a Trial of Annihilation. Wells and his Militia forces were subsequently hunted down and killed in a two-hour battle, with those Militia forces who attempted to surrender being subject to execution in the field.[1]


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