Jormungand Bluewater Cruiser
Production information
Manufacturer Skye Pleasure Craft, Ltd
Use Missions
  • Ocean Patrol,
  • Fire Support
  • Mobile Hospital
  • Security Patrol
Tech Base Inner Sphere Standard*
Chassis Type (Size) Surface Vessel, Large (Template E)[1]
Equipment Rating C/E/E
Cost  ???
Introduced 2902
Technical specifications
Mass 60,000 tons
Speed 64.8 km/h
Top Speed 97.2 km/h
Power Plant Fusion Engine
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Armament 6 x Long Tom Artillery Pieces
4 x PPCs
2 x AC/10s
2 x LRM-20s
2 x LR Torpedo 20s
6 x SR Torpedo 6s
Heat Sinks 40
Armor Standard Armor
216 tons (2,700 points)
Crew 77 Officers
266 Enlisted/Non-Rated
102 Gunners
10 Bay personnel
84 Marines
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 61,994[2]


The Jormungand is a Lyran Commonwealth wet navy combat vessel introduced during the later half of the Third Succession War. The ship was initially constructed by Skye Pleasure Craft, Ltd. of Skye for the oceanic militia command on Porrima in 2902. By 3067 twenty of these vessels operated on ocean worlds throughout House Steiner's territory with Tharkad hosting three Jormungands, the most of any world. Though it is unclear if these ships saw action during the FedCom Civil War, the Blakist occupation/blockade of Tharkad during the Jihad saw all three destroyed by the WarShip Invincible.[3][4]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The Jormungand's surface weapons are spread between five armored turrets; three forward and two aft. The ship has six turreted Long Tom artillery pieces split between Turret 2 & 6. Its close range armaments consist of paired of Particle Projection Cannons in the ship's no. 1 and 7 turrets, co-axed with a Class 10 Autocannon. In turret 3, the ship has a pair of twenty-tube Long Range Missile Launchers.[4]

For its underwater offensive weaponry, the ship has a pair of forward mounted Long-Range twenty-tubed Torpedo launchers. For short range defense, it has pair of Short-Range six-tubed Torpedo launchers mounted in its Fore-right, Fore-left, and aft positions.[4]

All of the ship's weaponry is controlled by an Advanced Fire Control system while ammunition is stored in CASE-protected sections of the ship and includes 60 tons of Long Tom artillery rounds, 24 tons of AC/10 ammo, 40 tons each of LRM & LR-Torpedos ammo and 24 tons of SR-Torpedos. For defense the ship carries 216 tons of armor evenly spread throughout the hull and the turrets.[4]

The ship also features a helipad and two light vehicle bays in the fore-left and fore-aft sections, each accessible by separate bay doors. Finally the Jormungand features twelve tons of Communication Equipment, two field kitchens, four searchlights and a MASH unit with eight operating theaters.[4]


The Jormungand includes two Cargo Bays. The first, a refrigerated unit located in the aft-left section of the ship, can hold up to 745 tons of cargo. The second more basic cargo bay can hold up to 3,696 tons of cargo. Each hold is serviced by a single access door.[4]


Though not specified, the ship uses CASE in its 3067 listing in Handbook: House Steiner. The ship's production was noted to begin 2902, thus the non-CASE variant of the ship was the one originally produced.[5]

Named Vessels[edit]

  • BHS Brynhild - This was a Jormungand vessel assigned to Blue Hole's wet navy during the 3060s and 70s. The lone Jormungand acted as the navy's flagship and was escorted by a small number of Silverback Class Cutter.[6]

Article Notes[edit]

The Jormungand was one of the first Naval Support vehicles to be presented in print, first seen in Handbook: House Steiner. Due to changes in the construction rules the original stats presented were flawed. In later publications, the Jormungand appeared in the Tactical Operation rulebook section for constructing Advanced Large Support Vehicles. The vehicle when published in Handbook: House Steiner, was originally listed as a Template D size, however later renditions of the ship used as example, this has been changed to E from a D. [7]

As of this writing, the current Battle Value for the Jormungand is solely found in Strategic Operations and Tactical Operations as example unit.


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