Josef Mannix

Josef Mannix
AffiliationClan Cloud Cobra
ProfessionKhan of Clan Cloud Cobra

Josef Mannix was a Khan of Clan Cloud Cobra during the early Golden Century. He would be remembered for seizing many of the unused genetic legacies of former Clan Mongoose in order to expand his own Clan's eugenics program.[1]


Little to nothing exists in the way of detail about his life prior to becoming Khan of the Cloud Cobras. Decisions made during his reign would show him to be a good leader with both foresight and initiative.

Touman Expansion[edit]

After facing several catastrophic setbacks during their early years, the Cloud Cobras followed a carefully laid plan for growth. Khan Rafe Kardaan had set the pattern for the military expansion of the Cloud Cobras during his reign, and aerospace fighter forces were central to his plans. The Khans that succeeded his rule would also follow the pattern that he had set. Perhaps none of them did more to champion that expansion than Khan Josef Mannix.[2][3]

Hailing from a Bloodname House that would one day become associated with the infantry, Mannix was fully capable of recognizing opportunity when he saw it. The loathed Clan Mongoose was Absorbed by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 2868. The Smoke Jaguars claimed all resources and property of the former Clan, as well as its surviving population. But Smoke Jaguar Khan Theodore Osis completely refused to use any of the captured Mongoose genetic legacies in his Clan's breeding program. Khan Mannix and the Cloud Cobras had been quietly observing the matter for some time, having become aware of the fighting prowess of Clan Mongoose aerospace pilots. The Mongooses had cheated the Cloud Cobras out of a great many aerospace fighters earlier in the Golden Century, so the Cobras likely watched the Mongoose downfall with great interest.[1][4]

With the Clan sphere returning to business as usual after the end of the Trial, Khan Mannix would strike swiftly in the years after the Trial. Targeting the cast-off genetic heritages, the Cloud Cobras were able to seize 72 legacies from a total of 11 different Bloodname Houses, all of them pilots. Khan Osis of the Jaguars was angered at the Cobras' reactivation of genetic lines that he had wished to wither and die, but ultimately was in no position to defend legacies that he had previously scorned.[1]

It was long before there were many new sibkos advancing through training, created with the captured genetic lines. With the influx of matériel, the Cloud Cobras were able to quickly triple the size of their touman. During his reign, the Cobras would field their first Trinaries of OmniMechs, as well as the newly developed Elemental. In 2880, Khan Mannix commissioned a young aid, Star Colonel Samson McCloud, to form a new Galaxy, one that would eventually become Gamma Galaxy. Four years later in 2884, Galaxy Commander McCloud was elected to the post of saKhan, his new unit already at veteran status.[5] All together, their Clan would be in a much better position to expand its influence amongst the Clans as the Golden Century wore on.[2][3]


His taking of the cream of the Mongoose crop would help right the ship in Clan Cloud Cobra, making quick, large-scale expansion possible, while still breeding and training the highest quality of warriors. Born to a Bloodname House that would one day become known for producing many of Clan Cloud Cobra's Elementals,[6] development of the phenotype and birth of the earliest generations of these warriors could have possibly began within his lifetime.


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