Joseph Crow

Joseph Crow
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Profession saKhan

Joseph Crow (born ???? - died 30??) was a saKhan of Clan Snow Raven during Operation Revival.[1]


Though little is known about his early years, Joseph Crow was known to be a Crusader-minded warrior aiding Khan Lynn McKenna, a Warden. This difference in philosophy did not seem to hinder their working relationship as leaders of Clan Snow Raven.[1]

Jade Falcon Dealings[edit]

During the year after ilKhan Leo Shower's death, Clan Jade Falcon approached the Snow Ravens with an offer they could never refuse: Hellgate. Having recently taken it from Clan Steel Viper, the Falcons were offering it as part of a deal to gain the use of ten Snow Raven WarShips for an additional five years longer. The Falcons also offered the Ravens genetic material and trade concessions for goods that would come from their conquests in the Inner Sphere. SaKhan Joseph Crow was sent to negotiate the terms of the deal himself, and was later accused of giving Falcon Khan Elias Crichell a sweetened deal due to their mutual philosophies regarding the Inner Sphere invasion. He and Khan McKenna would also have to defend their deal again when the temporary alliance also called for them to vote counter to their own agenda in the Grand Council often.[1]

The situation was solved by an incident out of any Snow Raven's control. When the head of House McKenna died in 3055, the Jade Falcons failed to release abtakha warrior Nerran McKenna for the subsequent conclave of House McKenna's Bloodnamed warriors. Though the meeting would require a journey of more than eight months, Raven saKhan Crow accused the Jade Falcons of interfering in the internal affairs of Clan Snow Raven by withholding the warrior.[2] In this way, he and Khan McKenna were able to get out of the deal with the Falcons while retaining Hellgate and the genetic materials, which were awarded them by the Grand Council as recompense.[1]


Joseph Crow disappears from Clan records after this incident. He may have died fighting the Jade Falcons during several attacks that followed, or he may have been voted out of office due to political maneuvering within the Snow Raven Clan Council.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven

Succeeded by
Richard McTiernan[3]


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