Joshua Hoshiko

Joshua Hoshiko
Character Profile
Affiliation Star League
Profession Minister of Communication

Joshua Hoshiko, was the Star League's Minister of Communication during the invention of the hyperpulse generator.


Hoshiko was appointed Minister of Communication on April 4th 2614 by First Lord Nicholas Cameron, charged with the express mission of developing a faster means of communications to aid in the rule and expansion of the already massive Star League. Setting up the Technological Communications and Specifications Project in 2615 to investigate possible means of FTL communications, in February of that year Hoshiko enlisted Cassie DeBurke, a brilliant young professor from the University of Terra located near the Court of the Star League.[1][2][3]

An authority on the faster-than-light physics theories of Thomas Kearny and Takayoshi Fuchida, after fifteen long years of secret and feverish work DeBurke would develop a means of sending radio waves via artificially generated jump points, culminating in the first HPG station, built in 2629 just outside the Court of the Star League. Hoshiko joined with DeBurke in transmitting the first HPG message, "Watson, come quick, I need you" in tribute to past pioneers in communications, from Terra to New Earth on New Year's Day 2630.[1][2][3]


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