Joshua Marik

Joshua Simon Marik
Born3046 or 3048 (see Notes)[1]
Died20 May 3057[2]
AffiliationHouse Marik
Parents"Thomas Marik" (father)[1]
Sophina Desiree (mother)[1]
SiblingsJanos III (half-brother)
Christopher (half-brother)
Jessica Marik (half-sister)

Joshua Marik was considered the designated heir to the throne of the Free Worlds League, though in fact he was the son of the (real) Thomas Marik's stand-in, and thus not technically a true member of House Marik. He was not related by blood to his supposed older sister Isis Marik, who was the (real) Thomas Marik's child.


Joshua Marik was crippled with leukemia from a young age. In desperation, his father worked out a deal with Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns, where young Joshua would be treated at the New Avalon Institute of Science in exchange for 'Mech upgrade kits for the AFFC.

Sadly, Joshua Marik died on New Avalon in 3057. The throne of the Federated Commonwealth was occupied by the young and then-inexperienced Victor Steiner-Davion (following the death of Hanse Davion, his father). Victor decided to proceed with a contingency plan that his father had created, dubbed Operation GEMINI, to replace the young Marik with a body double. This would prove to be an ill-advised decision however, as Joshua's death set in motion the sequence of events that would lead to the FedCom Civil War when the ruse was found out.

The discovery of his son's death and substitution is what prompted "Thomas Marik" to ally with the Capellan Confederation and attack the Federated Commonwealth, an action dubbed Operation GUERRERO. The attack in turn gave Katherine Steiner-Davion the excuse she needed to break off the Lyran part of the Commonwealth and create the Lyran Alliance. This would precipitate the FedCom Civil War, and incidentally created the Chaos March in what was previously the Capellan March when she withdrew all troops loyal to her and all transport assets from the area, leaving the FedCom occupation forces there understrength, disorganized and hamstrung by a total lack of JumpShips.


  • Joshua Marik was present at the conference on Outreach in 3051, along with his father and most of the major leaders of the Inner Sphere.
  • Handbook: House Marik states that Joshua was born in 3048. However, in the novel Blood Legacy, Victor Steiner-Davion believes he is five years old in early 3051; also, in the novel Ideal War his father states that he is eight years old, matching up with the 3046 date infered in Blood Legacy.
    His parents married in 3047 according to the 20 Year Update.


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