Joyeux Corsaire

Joyeux Corsaire
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command None

Joyeux Corsaire was a pirate band active as of 3148.[1]


In March 3148, Joyeux Corsaire was active on Mithron, where they ambushed a First Taurian Armored Lancers recon company. The pirates destroyed several Kites before the company's commander, Benjamina Ware, pushed them back.[1]

On 14 August 3148, the pirates launched a major raid of Franmalin. As part of the raid, they attempted to seize all of the grain from the granary district of Dante's Hell. The planet's Protectorate Militia Regiment drove them away with a series of grain explosions, devastating the local agricultural industry.[2]

The band was also active in the Raven Alliance. On an unknown date, Joyeux Corsaire attempted to raid the White Rock Ski Resort on Rudolpho, only to be fended off by Star Commander Tanith and her Hippogriffs.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Joyeux Corsaire



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