Joyous Springs Wines

Joyous Springs Wines

One of Chandrasekhar Kurita's numerous business holdings, Joyous Springs Wines is a noted Capellan Confederation-based producer of fine wines.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Xer, Palos[1] [2]

CEO Elizabeth Roshenco (circa 3072)[1] [2]


A blanket company encompassing three of the biggest vineyards on Palos, Joyous Springs Wines was one of numerous Capellan companies to benefit greatly by House Davion's capture of its homeworld during the Fourth Succession War, enjoying over two decades of booming business as Fine Palos wines graced the tables of the Federated Commonwealth's most rich and powerful citizens.[1]

Unfortunately Joyous Springs' fortunes seemed dire when Palos returned to the Confederation in the wake of Operation Guerrero in 3057, cutting off the company from its most profitable market. Quickly losing money and pressured by Capellan businessmen to sell the company for a tenth of its real value, an increasingly desperate Elizabeth Roshenco was surprised when she was approached by agents of Chandrasekhar Kurita with the offer of a generous financial rescue package and open access to Isesaki Shipping. Able to once again reach its lucrative markets in Lyran and Davion space, Joyous Springs Wines quickly rebounded and by 3072 was in negotiation with several other vineyards on Palos and within Draconis Combine space who have expressed an interest in joining the company.[1] [2]


The Turanian Transport Company entry in Handbook: House Kurita mentions that Coordinator Theodore Kurita and Chandrasekhar Kurita had made an agreement that all of Uncle Chandy's holdings must have a Combine based headquarters, but no mention is made of any Combine based Joyous Springs Wines headquarters. [3]


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