Judith Faber

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Judith Faber.jpg
Judith Faber
Also known as Rapier (codename)
Born 10 February[1]
Died 3067
Affiliation Comstar
Blake's Wrath

Judith Faber (born circa 3030 – died 3067) was a member of Blake's Wrath who allowed herself to be captured by the Clans, which ultimately led her to discover the location of the Clan Homeworlds.


Early life[edit]

Judith was born and raised on Terra and was a fourth generation member of ComStar.[1]

Exodus Road[edit]

As of 3052 Judith Faber was an Adept Rho/Rho in ROM's Blake's Wrath, ComStar's elite special forces unit when Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht made the batchall for the Battle of Tukayyid. Faber was one of a number of Wrath agents who agreed to take part in a high-risk but vital plan, to deliberately lose in combat against the Clans in an attempt to be taken as a bondsman, to infiltrate the invaders to discover vital intelligence and possibly the holy grail: the location of the Clan Homeworlds and the Exodus Road.[2]

Faber was seeded among the Com Guard Level IVs facing Clan Smoke Jaguar's Beta Galaxy in the Racice River Delta, defeated and taken as a bondsman by Star Captain Trent. Befriending and eventually earning his trust, she convinced the increasingly disillusioned Trent that his Clan was dishonorable and corrupt, and convinced him to gather data on the Exodus Road and defect to the Inner Sphere.[2]

Upon her return to the Inner Sphere, Faber assumed active duty with Blake's Wrath, receiving a prized Clan assault 'Mech.


Reports indicate Faber was supposedly killed engaging Word of Blake forces in the Chaos March prior to the Jihad in 3067, but ultimately neither her body or her 'Mech were ever recovered.[2]


Judith piloted a CRB-27 Crab during the Battle of Tukayyid, sacrificing her 'Mech to allow herself to be taken captive. After her return to the Inner Sphere and resuming active duty with the Wrath, she received a captured Clan Marauder IIC which she named "Vindication".[2][3]

Additional Quote[edit]

The key to spying is to hide the knowledge that you're a spy even from yourself. Remember, when you think you're alone, you almost never are.
  — Judith Faber, ComStar deep agent, 3057

Sometimes Judith goes so far undercover, even she doesn't realize she's one of our agents.
  — Sharilar Mori, Primus of ComStar, 3058



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