Juliano Marik

This article is about the Captain-General. For the WarShip bearing his name, see Juliano Marik (Individual WarShip).
Juliano Marik
AffiliationHouse Marik
ParentsCarolyn Marik (mother)
ChildrenFrederick Marik
Terrence Marik
Damien Marik

Juliano Marik was the first Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. He served a total of six years, most notably commanding the Free Worlds League Military during the Stewart War.

Juliano was the grandson of Detlev Marik.[2]



Juliano Marik almost did not become Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. Parliament had offered the position of Minister of Defense to Juliano's cousin, Micaela Marik. However, she would die suddenly, and the position was offered to Juliano. It was in this position that the Stewart Crisis found him.[3]

In 2293, the young Free Worlds League ran into its first obstinate power, the Stewart Commonality. Up to this point, the League had been able to convince, bribe, or cajole each neighboring world to join. Stewart was different. The six-system nation was ruled by David Genovese, a dictator. In his hubris, Genovese did not think the League a threat. He was wrong. Parliament named Juliano Marik the first Captain-General in the history of the Free Worlds League and prepared for war.[4][5]

Captain-General Marik led his expeditionary force to Stewart, jumping into the system on 19 September 2293. Genovese insisted on taking direct command of the Stewart forces despite severe communication problems. His micromanagement was ineffective and Juliano Marik led the FWLM forces to a decisive victory in only four months, conquering the Stewart Commonality.[6][4][5]

Following the end of hostilities, command of the FWLM reverted to Parliament. Juliano served another term as Captain-General in 2297. Parliament appointed Danak Selaj Captain-General in 2306. Selaj's one-year term was a failure.[3]

Juliano was called back to service in 2314 following Fleet Admiral James McKenna's establishment of the Terran Hegemony. The FWLM was alerted, and Juliano sent James Humphreys to negotiate with McKenna. Humphreys secretly signed the Treaty of Terra, which normalized relations between the Hegemony and League.[7][5][3]

Juliano was responsible for the creation of what became known as SAFE. After leading the FWLM in the Stewart War and during the 2310s, Juliano realized that the League needed a unified intelligence agency. As a member of Parliament, Juliano was the sponsor for a bill creating such a federal agency. Though the vote was narrow, Parliament created the National Intelligence Agency in August 2317.[8]

Juliano served as Captain-General until 2318 and he died in 2319 at the age of 70.[3]

Marriage and children[edit]

Juliano had three children, Frederick (whom he outlived), Terrence, and Damien.


The Juliano assault BattleMech would be named after him during the thirty-second century.[9]


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