Julius Santiago Avellar

Julius Santiago Avellar
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns
House Avellar
Rank Admiral

Julius Santiago Avellar was the founder of the Outworlds Alliance.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Julius Avellar would serve as an officer in the Federated Peacekeeping Forces, eventually reaching the rank of admiral.


Alpheratz had been settled as an independent colony only shortly before the arrival of Julius Avellar, who had retired from the Federated Suns navy and was seeking a personal retreat where he could avoid what he viewed as the sickening carnage of the Age of War.[1] Avellar began writing once he arrived on Alpheratz, arguing at great length against military adventurism in the Inner Sphere, and his writings were particularly critical of House Davion and House Kurita. His words resonated with those in the Federated Suns who were weary of both warfare and the military-industrial complex that supported it, and many flocked to Alpheratz in pursuit of a lifestyle that wasn't dependent upon the technologies of warfare.[2] Avellar's personal philosophical views would ultimately lead to the formation of the Outworlds Alliance, with Alpheratz as the capital world.[1] A reluctant Avellar found himself first becoming ruler of Alpheratz, then subsequently ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.[2]


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