Justin Allard

Justin Allard
Justin Allard
Character Profile
Also known as Justin Xiang
Born 2990[1]
Died 5 January 3052[2][3]
Affiliation House Allard
Title(s) Duke of St. Ives
Knight of the Realm[4]
Member of the Order of Davion[4]
Solaris Grand Champion
Position Director of MIIO
Minister of Intelligence
Profession MechWarrior
Intelligence Agent
Arena Gladiator
Parents Quintus Allard (father)[1]
Siblings Daniel (half-brother)
Riva (half-sister)
Spouse Candace Liao
Children Kai

Justin Allard, also known as Justin Xiang or Justin Xiang-Allard, was an early thirty-first century House Davion MechWarrior and spy. He was the oldest son of the Federated Suns Intelligence Chief Quintus Allard. His birth was the result of his father's brief marriage to a Liao noblewoman while he was serving as an ambassador on Sian. He has a younger half-brother, Dan Allard, and half-sister, Riva Allard, from his father's second marriage.

He had a short but meteoric career with the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and later became one of the Federated Suns' most famous spies.

Physically, Justin was a short, slender man with raven black hair. He inherited his Asian eyes and complexion from his mother.[5]

He was a graduate of Sakhara Academy[6] and proficient in the martial art of T'ai Chi.


Justin was born and raised on the world of Sian during his father's time as Ambassador to the Capellan Confederation. He lived with his parents until he was five years old, where he learned to speak fluent English and Capellan without an accent.[7] His middle name was his mother's surname, Xiang.

Military service for the Federated Suns[edit]

After graduating from Sakhara Academy, Justin was assigned to the 5th Davion Guards RCT,[8] which had been in the process of being transferred to a new garrison post on the world of Spica.

While on stationed on Spica in 3017,[9] Justin was assigned to a battalion in the Fifth, under the command of Colonel Dobson. After being assigned on Spica, the planet would be soon invaded by Capellan Confederation forces under House Liao. In the process of their invasion, these forces would manage to cut off the Fifth’s command force from the rest of the regiment. While only being a Leftenant, Justin took command of his battalion and conducted a desperate rescue of General Sheridan Courtney's unit from invading Capellan troops.[10] During the battle, Justin unknowingly faced off against House Liao's invasion leader, Candace Liao. They would end having a running jungle battle that pitted Justin’s Blackjack against her Vindicator. The fight ended with Candace's BattleMech being gravely damaged, forcing her to eject. The invasion ended in defeat, and Liao’s forces withdrew from the planet. For his actions, Justin would be rewarded by Hanse Davion with the FedSuns' Diamond Sunburst and given the rank of Captain.

Later in his military career, he was assigned to Kittery, where part of his assignment would be to help smooth relations with the local populace. In 3026, Major Allard took command of the newly formed 1st Kittery Training Battalion. The unit was part of the First Prince's experimental training program of taking raw recruits and training them to be MechWarriors instead of sending them to a time-consuming military academy. Justin was assisted in this task by then Leftenant Andrew Redburn, who was made his second in command. During his assignment, he was forced to dismiss Capellan March hero Sergeant Philip Capet for insubordination. He would also make contact with various Capellan-influenced resistance groups, such as the Yizhi tong (Chinese mobsters) while he was trying to improve relations with people of Kittery.

In November during a training exercise, his unit was ambushed by a raiding Liao Battalion consisting of Cicada BattleMechs. In the early stages of the battle, Justin detected sensor readings of a heavy BattleMech and decided to draw the deadly 'Mech away from his vulnerable cadets. The Training Battalion consisted mainly of Stinger 'Mechs, which would have had tough time in defeating the Liao Cicadas. Using his Valkyrie, Justin quickly intercepted the heavy 'Mech, which turned out to be a Rifleman. Using his considerable skills, he held off and consistently damaged the 60-ton machine. Justin had managed to successfully keep the Rifleman away from his battalion for the duration of the battle. However, the Rifleman pilot (who, unknown to Justin, was Solaris Champion Gray Noton) was as good as he was, and gained the upper hand and savaged Allard's 'Mech in the end. Redburn and Cadet Robert Craon later discovered his downed 'Mech, witnessing that Allard had lost his left forearm. A month later, he was revived in a New Avalon hospital where he discovered that that his left forearm had been replaced with a black cybernetic arm, and Justin assumed that he would never pilot a BattleMech again.

In January 3027, lawyers and security from the Capellan March utilized the same Command Circuit of JumpShips that Hanse Davion authorized to bring Lt. Andrew Redburn to New Avalon.[11] Along with these personnel and troops, a message was sent to Hanse Davion detailing Michael's allegations that Justin Allard had been working with Liao insurgents on Kittery. Hasek indirectly threatened Hanse Davion with civil war if a trial did not take place against Justin. A day later, Justin was shown by his doctor how to use his prototype bionic arm to be able to pilot a BattleMech once again, using a built-in interface in the cybernetic arm.[12] Count Anton Vitios disrupted Justin’s meeting with his doctor and placed him under immediate arrest for treason against the state.

At the trial, Count Vitios charged that Allard had illegally interacted with local Yizhi tong, stating he fully knew they were considered an illegal Capellan organization. The Count continued in stating that he had incriminating evidence that suggested that the Liao raid on Kittery was in fact arranged by Allard and that his 'Mech was accidentally damaged in the battle. The Count also described that the reported Rifleman that Justin had battled was in fact an UrbanMech. Count Vitios pointed out that both 'Mechs shared same class of autocannon (this could have been heavily debated in the trial, as AC/10 equipped Rifleman, the RFL-3C, was a Davion-designed variant) and that there were no witnesses who had seen the Rifleman on the battlefield. Ultimately, despite the protests by Justin's defense attorney who argued that the evidence against Justin was unsubstantiated, the trial did not turn out in his favor. The court would rule that Justin was guilty and he would be stripped of all honors, titles, and even his surname "Allard". Justin called the court a mockery of justice and the court was biased towards his Capellan background. Finally, Justin was exiled from the Federated Suns by order of the First Prince himself.

Life on Solaris VII[edit]

In February, Justin traveled to Solaris VII where he joined into a partnership with Fuh Teng of Teng Stables.[13] Teng was a Capellan MechWarrior who was the last leg of his career. Justin found Teng unwilling to hire him, due to Teng's last fight with Solaris champion Philip Capet having used up all of his resources. Fuh told Justin that he had no choice but fight a fixed match if he wanted continue to survive. Justin pretended to understand, but then knocked Fuh Teng out cold. Teng was tied up with help from Teng's own tech. When the time came to begin the battle, Justin took Teng's cobbled together Vindicator into the arena himself. Before the fight, he placed a bet on the rigged match, wagering that his own Vindicator would win.[14] Justin piloted Teng's Vindicator to a victory against Billy Wolfson's Hermes II at the Steiner Stadium. The surprise attack by Justin's 'Mech would soundly defeat the Hermes II, forcing Wolfson to eject from the 'Mech. At the end of the match, Justin moved his Vindicator and pinned Wolfson underneath his 'Mech's hand actuator. He then gave Wolfson a warning that if he ever called him a "bastard" again, he would kill Wolfson. Before the fight, a mix of Lyran and Davion nobility who were betting on the battle had arranged that the victor would been invited to the party, with the attending nobles being told that Wolfson was going to win the fight, which came as an unpleasant surprise to the Federated Suns nobility when he did not. After Justin's arrival to the party, he met both Gray Noton and Kym Sorenson for the first time. Kym and Justin would quickly establish a fast friendship and eventually leading to a romance based on their mutual distaste for the Federated Suns.

As things progressed, Justin worked together with Fuh Teng and his tech Tung Yuan to build up their stable. Kym gave Justin money to purchase a battered Centurion, which would later become known as Yen-Lo-Wang.[15] On March 20th, he would use his modified Centurion in battle against Peter Armstrong, and his Griffin. Armstrong, one of Philip Capet's best medium-class warriors, would die in this match. Billy Wolfson vowed revenge at that time. Justin would win a string of victories and proclaim his efforts to be in the name of the Capellan Confederation. Tsen Shang would briefly contact Justin and give him a gift including some wine as a token of gratitude for his victories for the Capellan people.[16]

Later on, Justin faced Wolfson in an arena match where he was nearly defeated due to battle damage caused to his Autocannon. Justin was forced to use his cunning and his 'Mech's titanium "nails" to pierce the Rifleman's thin rear armor, killing Wolfson. After the battle, Justin was told by Gray that Kym was a Davion spy, that he spotted her going to a known drop point for MIIO agents. Angered, the pair waited for her to come out of a coffee shop and ambushed her in an alley. They would confront her, Justin would demand her tell them what was going on. She try to avoid the question trying to reveal that Gray was lying. Justin would hit her with bionic left arm when she continued to dodge question. Gray goes to shoot her, but Justin stops him. He turns to Kym, while calling her a Davion whore and tells her to pass a message to her hated masters: to tell Hanse Davion and others that they have driven him away and made him into their enemy.

By May, Justin's innocence would be reported by Kym, however she would also relay the message from Justin as well. Hanse Davion’s anger towards Justin would increase dramatically when word of Justin's bloody string of victories over Davion affiliated MechWarriors reaches him. The First Prince sent a high priority message to Philip Capet, stating that he would award him a regiment of BattleMechs and a world if he succeeded in killing Justin.[17]

A working relationship would develop between Gray Noton and Justin, with Gray offering Justin a partnership in his intelligence gathering business. After Justin agreed to join Gray’s business venture, he went on to kill him, as Justin had never forgotten what Gray had done to him on Kittery. Tsen Shang, tired of waiting for Gray to meet with him on a business agreement, would seek him out for the documents that Gray was poised to sell to him. Instead Tsen would find Gray, with his neck broken and his promised papers missing. Tseng guessed correctly that Justin had killed Gray and would break into Justin's apartment in middle of the night and demands that he gives him the documents. At this point, Justin tells him that he destroyed the documents, because they would have harmed the Confederation, explaining that he saw the passenger list for a ship named the Silver Eagle and had spotted the cover names of his parents among the list of passengers. He explained that he knew his parents would be a great prize for House Liao. However, Justin also told Shang that his parents would never travel together due to their fears of orphaning their children should a JumpShip's K-F drive malfunction occur. He mentions that he had seen doubles agents who were made to look just like his father and Hanse Davion while he was in the hospital on New Avalon. Justin felt that the documents was part of an elaborate Davion setup and questioned Gray about it. Gray knew it was a trap and wasn't worried about House Liao’s potential losses. After he failed to convince Gray to relent and not sell the bad information, Justin told Shang he then broke Gray’s neck. Shang's would be grateful for Justin aid in protecting House Liao from apparent disaster. Justin explained that his own motivation wasn’t simply about just aiding the Confederation, he wanted to disrupt Hanse Davion's plans as part of his payback to his former First Prince.[18]

After Noton's death went public, Justin arrived at Valhalla with the Solaris Game Commissioners in time to stop Philip Capet from removing Noton's shield which represented him in Valhalla down from Gray's alcove. Citing that Philip and neither himself had earned the right to the alcove unless the person had defeated Gray Noton in combat. He told Philip that the alcove must be fought for and not simply taken after someone dies. Justin called Philip a coward, using his "Capellan Mafia"[19] to try to kill him for him. It was also implied that Phillip got his own people killed, because he pushed them to not eject from their machines. Justin prodded him further by saying his own pride had gotten his men and family killed on Uravan. This enraged Philip and he finally agreed personally fight a match to settle the score. On May 26th, Justin and Philip would be scheduled to duel in the Ishiyama arena. Prior to the fight, they both met again on a talk show, where Philip reaffirmed his death threat against Justin and promised there would be "surprises" awaiting him in the match. In Ishiyama, Justin surprised Capet by piloting Gray Noton's Rifleman "Legend-Killer". As the fight commenced, Philip led Justin into an ambush in a large cavern. There in the cavern, Capet had a Firestarter and UrbanMech assisting him in whittling his Rifleman’s armor down. Justin initially was able to destroy both of Capet’s supporting 'Mechs, but the surprise attack would cause his machine to have some serious problems. Justin was forced to march "Legend-Killer" down into a narrow cave. In a planned ambush, Philip would step his 'Mech out from its hiding place expecting take Justin by surprise and shooting his Rifleman in the back. Justin, however, had marched his own 'Mech backwards down the tunnel. He then flipped his 'Mech's arms over and executed an Alpha Strike on Philip's machine, hitting his cockpit in the initial volley. When Philip was knocked unconscious by the head hit, Justin then finished him off with an autocannon shell through the cockpit, becoming Grand Champion.[20]

In service to the Capellan Confederation[edit]

Shortly after his victory over Philip Capet, Justin meets with Tsen Shang in his limo where they share a toast. The drink is drugged, however, and Justin is quickly smuggled off planet along with his 'Mech Yen-Lo-Wang to the Capellan capital of Sian. There he is brought before Chancellor Maximilian Liao and where he is given certificate of citizenship for his deeds on Solaris.[21] The Chancellor informs Justin he had been watching him since his trials on New Avalon, that he had ordered Shang to secretly support him while he was on Solaris. The Chancellor admits to finding Justin too valuable to risk in the arenas of Solaris, he then offers him position with the Maskirovka as an analyst.[22]

By October, Justin had become the lead analyst for the Maskirovka's Davion Section. At the time, he is working alongside analyst Alexi Malenkov and now friend Tsen Shang. One day, the Chancellor unexpectedly summons Justin and Shang to the Forbidden Palace to account for the newest development in the FedSuns, where the news of the wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner had been passed to him via Michael Hasek-Davion. The Chancellor demanded to know why they had not known about it sooner, especially Justin. Justin calmly explained that bureaucracy of the Mask slows down the process of confirming intelligence reports. At this meeting, Justin had his first encounter with Heir-Apparent Candace Liao. Maskirovka Director Chandra Ling tells the Chancellor that Justin and Tsen had suggested the formation of a "Crisis Team", a special cadre of analysts which would deal with special problems and investigations. Immediately, the Chancellor orders Xiang and Tsen to form the elite team and base it within the palace itself and to be at his beck and call. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a Davion envoy, Lord Victor Robertson, with a handwritten letter to the Chancellor from First Prince Hanse Davion. Unable to read the handwriting, the Chancellor ordered Justin to read the letter out loud to everyone in the throne room. With reluctance, he read Hanse Davion's invitation to Liao to attend wedding on Terra.

Justin became the Head of the Crisis Team for the Chancellor,[23] he and Shang then received word of a failed assassination attempt on Kittery from Alexi Malenkov. They quickly discover that Lady Romano Liao had secretly ordered the strike on passing suggestion from Shang. However, Captain Redburn and his officers turned the tables on the attempt and captured the local Maskirovka safe house in the process, with the Mask loses valuable materials and secret data in process.[24] Justin manages to come up with plan to recoup their losses and quell Chancellor's anger, however.

Later that night, unable to sleep, Justin does Tai-Chi exercises in Palace's Garden. There he encounters Candace Liao, and after brief argument they make their peace, soon discovering they had met before on Spica in jungle combat, with Justin having been the cause of her injuries.[25] He encourages her to take up Tai-Chi to help her overcome her injuries, and she orders him to teach her. She explains since he would not kiss up to her like others would and he would be best for the task. This also marks the beginning of their relationship together.

The Chancellor has a formal meeting with his family and his "Crisis Team" Maskirovka analysts regarding the upcoming Davion wedding. Romano comes up with idea for the wedding, with a plan to gather better information on their rivals. She suggests that Tsen Shang will accompany her to the Davion Wedding on Terra. Inspired by this, and to counter her sister's rise of favoritism with her father, Candace offers additional suggestion. She suggests to have Justin accompany her so to keep the "Crisis Team" together. This would also would upset Hanse Davion by having Justin, the man he exiled, show up to his own wedding.[26] The Chancellor is delighted by the suggestion and quickly agrees to it. Later, in Palace Garden, Justin asks Candace why she wanted him to accompany her, to which she responds that besides upsetting her sister, she wanted him there, not as a servant or partner but as her consort.

On Terra in August 3028, the Capellan delegation arrives at ComStar's main compound on Hilton Head island. During this time, Justin encounters his half-brother Dan Allard, which he politely refuses to acknowledge as his kin.[27] Later on, Justin finds himself in uncomfortable situations: Romano Liao has one of her Thuggees attempt to assassinate his own father and brother. Justin quickly confronts her, calling her an idiot for ordering her cult kill Davion Intelligence Minister while under the protection of ComStar. By doing so, she risked House Liao being sundered by interdiction of HPG communication grid.[28] During the actual wedding, he finds himself seated with Candace on the groom side. The Duchess tells Ardan Sortek that she wishes to pay a debt of gratitude to Hanse for sparing her worlds from retaliation for the assassination hit on Kittery.[29]

After the wedding ceremony, Justin and rest of the Liao delegation dined together at the reception. Each member of the delegation received dishes which had the names of worlds on them. Justin's dishes included the worlds of Chara III and Kestrel, making him think someone was trying to needle him. Candace received plates with worlds of Izar and Axton. Axton being world, which he suspects FedSun has a research base on it which he's been trying to confirm its existence.[30] Then he and rest of the House Liao party received the shock of their lives as Hanse Davion and new bride Melissa Steiner-Davion cut the cake. Hanse Davion announced his gift to his wife, would be the Capellan Confederation.[31] Justin remains stone calm, raising his wine glass to salute Hanse Davion. Hanse, amidst the chaos of panic in the wedding guests, spots Justin with his raised wine glass. He too raises his with same calm, salutes Justin. They both drink the wine, then Justin crushes the glass in bionic hand. He and rest of the delegation the grab their dishes and scramble for their DropShip in Savannah, Georgia.[32]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The war took its toll on everyone, with Justin sleeping only five to six hours a day as reports continued to pour in, while he attempted to find Hanse Davion's secret laboratory to secure a key victory for House Liao. In December, Colonel Pavel Ridzik, lord of Tikonov Commonality, sent a desperate message to the Chancellor to release his regiments to his control and help him retake his capital world. Mistaking Colonel Ridzik's urgency for impertinence, the Chancellor was upset and became suspicious of Ridzik's motives. Justin and Tsen told the Chancellor that the Colonel's plan had merit but its intelligence on enemy forces differed from information they had been given by Duke Michael Hasek-Davion.[33] Shang presented his plan for offensive operations using the weakness shown in the Duke's intelligence. Believing that if these six supply worlds were hit the Davion war efforts would stall, Justin added that one of the supply worlds was the suspected research base he sought.[34] Chancellor ordered that military operation be called Operation RIPOSTE, and he ordered Justin to arrange for the assassination of Colonel Ridzik as he believed the Colonel to be planning treason against the state.[35]

During Operation RIPOSTE, the only successfully attack of the operation was Justin's planned attack on Axton by the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers.[36] They grab secret data that included the location of a secret NAIS research base. This gave Justin the final piece of information he needed to locate the elusive research base.

On February 14th, 3029 Duke Michael Hasek-Davion arrived on Sian to escape prosecution of Hanse Davion. He came before Chancellor Liao to present his plans for a joint attack of his 5th Syrtis Fusiliers and Sung's Cuirassiers attack Tikonov's only Davion defenders, the 8th Crucis Lancers.[37] Liao turned to Michael and accused him of trying to lure his forces into a trap, citing the Duke was undermining his forces' strengths. When Michael tried to defend himself, Justin took him down easily with his bionic arm. Maximilian Liao ordered him to execute the Duke.[38]

In late February Justin traveled on board a ComStar DropShip with the body of Michael and paperwork of his death to Spica. Through a ComStar negotiated exchange, Justin handed the body over to the former Davion Ambassador to Sian, Robertson.[39]

With the data collected from Axton, Justin trains with a specially selected group of Maskirovka agents for mission retrieve the research material to build superstrong BattleMechs.[40] Romano, during Justin last meeting with royal family urged that to disperse Command Circuit of JumpShips. Justin reminds the royal family that it was absolutely necessary to have the circuit in place for his return trip. Also, he confronted by Chancellor why the McCarron's Armored Cavalry sent word to him why he is on Palos. Justin calmly explained he had worked out a code with Colonel McCarron and the message really told Justin he is on Sarna.[41] By placing them on Sarna, they became a nice trap for when the AFFS moved to attack the planet. When asked why he set up the code system, Justin explained he believed there was a possible traitor on Sian.

Later after the meeting, Justin and Candace finished up their evening Tai-Chi exercises, she then asked him for a favor. She tells him that she wants to send with him a holovid message for Prince Davion for terms of surrender of the St. Ives Commonality. She explains to him she wants something of the Capellan Confederation to survive. She was motivated by the string of defeats and in midst of news that Hanse Davion wishes to destroy the Confederation. Reluctantly, out of affection Justin agrees, though the Confederation's future is looking grim, that he will leave her message at NAIS research Lab on Bethel.[42]

On April 14th, Justin's strike force of Maskirovka agents hit Bethel Lab while the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers distract Davion Light Guards's Delta Company on another side of the planet.[43] Justin and his team manage to penetrate the facility's security, sedate the researchers, and obtain experimental myomer fibers. As his team began to withdraw, Justin was attacked by one of Romano Liao's agents in his team.[44] He was saved by the timely arrival of Alex Malenkov.

Wounded, Justin boarded Yen-Lo-Wang when he discovered his old student Andrew Redburn has just arrived to stop his escape. Justin warned him away, stating Redburn was outclassed by him. However, Redburn pushed the attack, closing in to bring his Centurion's autocannon to bear. Justin took him by surprise, when he fired his Pontiac Autocannon and crippled Redburn's 'Mech. He then tells him as he heads to his waiting DropShip to never seek him out again.[45]

On his return, he was rewarded for his successful mission and given the Baton of Illustrious Service; he was scheduled to be inducted into the Shonso of Teng on 22 May, 3029.[46] Later that night, the both of them are summoned by the Chancellor. They are told that Davion's fifth wave of the invasion has struck.[47]

In early August, Justin was summoned to the Chancellor's throne room. He arrived with Alexi Malenkov, noticing that the Death Commandos were not at their duty stations. They are confused by why the Commandos have been replaced by Warrior House Imarra troops. He is surprised by being told Tsen Shang has conceived a strike that would be costly for House Davion. He is told that the Death Commandos and the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers have been dispatched on strike against the power plants of Davion's Kathil JumpShip yards.[48] Justin heartily praises Shang for his plan as being a flawless means bring an end to Hanse Davion's war effort.

Justin has Alexi come to his office after the meeting, he hands a verigraph envelop for his father. He has paid ComStar significant amount of money have it sent to his father as bit of revenge for against him and Hanse Davion. He tells Alexi, who is recently homeless with the loss of his world of Tikonov, it will be a shared revenge, taunting his father with knowing their downfall is coming. Alexi agree to bring Justin's letter to ComStar HPG compound.[49]

Justin and Candace had decided as part of thanking Alexi, they take him to exclusive Chinese restaurant named the Szechuan Inn.[50] As they finished their dinner, Tsen Shang arrive, and announced that he informed by ComStar of a breach of Interdiction protocol against Federated Suns. That their invasion forces for Kathil has been turned back with only the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers returning. Justin had assumed since he had sent message to his father, that he was to be arrested. However, Shang turns to Alexi Malenkov orders his security shoot to kill Malenkov for treason on the spot.[51] Justin prevails Shang from executing Alexi on the spot. He cites, that by law because since he is Mandrinn he cannot be executed without a trial. He also pointed out if Alexi was in fact a Davion spy, that they could use his information against Davion's advances into their territories. He goes on further to point out that Romano's influence is increasing disruption in his orders to others, such as Shang keeping Imarri Warrior House's enhanced forces on Sian instead of fighting Davion invasion.

Justin manages to convince Romano, who seems to be guiding the Chancellor, of his leadership.[52] By using Alexi and soon to arrive "captured" Morgan Hasek-Davion, they would be able to use them to disrupt both Hanse Davion's war front and potential new war front with House Marik since Romano's recent assassination of ex-Liao Colonel Pavel Ridzik. Since he and his Tikonov Free Republic had been distracting the Mariks from attacking Liao.[53]

On August 24th, the DropShips of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers arrived, to crowded Sian Palace's DropPort, Justin attends with rest of the royal family, and large crowd for victory welcome to the Rangers. However, suddenly the DropShips fired their LRMs and spread a mist around the spaceport and Davion troops belonging to the 1st Kathil Uhlans emerged from the ships and attacked. In the chaos of the attack, Candace disappears, he goes out try find her.[54] Justin abandoned trying find her, and headed into the Palace's hangar bays to retrieve Alexi. He tricked his way into the prison area, forced to use the laser rifle built into his bionic arm to free Alexi.[55] Alexi at first does believe him that come to free him, but convinces him showing his angry reminder he owes him for the rescue on Bethel.[56] While entering the hangar, Justin ran into a vengeful Andrew Redburn in his Marauder BattleMech. He announced to Justin that he was done for, and asked if he had any last words. At this point, Justin turned to him and said -

Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus ever to tyrants)

Giving Redburn the countersign, twice, to the great relief to his old friend.[57] Redburn happily takes the Alexi Mallory into his 'Mech and gives Justin a canvas satchel with a Davion ID module for his BattleMech. With that, he told Redburn he would be coming out with his 'Mech Yen-Lo-Wang.

Justin then returned to the Palace throne room where he placed a laser disk that was in his satchel for the Chancellor to find. As he placed the disk on the throne, he Candace steps away from throne and demands who is and what he doing. Justin tells her that he was on a special assignment from Federated Suns, to help win the war for House Davion. He does tell her, that she wasn't part of the mission. Though he tried to avoid it, he knew he would fall in love with her. Though he could not provide proof, he let down his guard and asked to be shot by her as proof of his love for her.[58] She fires her Needler Gun at incoming Liao guards trying to break in, turning and telling him she too wishes to "spend the rest of her life" with him. Justin reloaded his laser and lazes the bronze doors, cutting through and killing the guards on the other side. They passed the wounded Tsen Shang down to the hangar and get into Yen-Lo-Wang together and board the waiting DropShip.

Candace and Justin travel to New Avalon and Candace is reunited with her assumed dead brother Tormano Liao.[59] Later in November, he and others of heroes of the war. Prince Hanse Davion, brought him to the stage and went over the events lead to one of the Federated Suns' daring espionage where Justin Allard sacrificed all that he was for his nation. For risking all, and rescuing fellow deep cover agent Alexi Mallory, he was awarded the Medal Excalibur and inducted into the Order of Davion. Also the Prince returned his name and titles to him, stating he was grateful that Justin made it back.[60]

Post–Fourth Succession War[edit]

Shortly after, he marries Duchess Candace Liao and starts family with her.

After the War of 3039, Justin Allard became the Intelligence Secretary of the Federated Commonwealth[61] Working with his wife Candice and her brother Tormano, they secretly move forth to undermine the dictatorship from within House Liao. However, they had disagreements on how this should be conducted.[62]

Family and legacy[edit]

Justin Allard was the father of four children with Candice Liao: Kai Allard-Liao, Cassandra Allard-Liao, Kuan-Yin Allard-Liao, and Quintus Allard-Liao.


Justin was noted for being an excellent MechWarrior and piloting his Solaris-modified Centurion known as Yen-Lo-Wang. Before piloting Yen-Lo-Wang, he was a noted Valkyrie pilot. He briefly piloted Gray Noton's Rifleman "Legend-Killer" in the match that crowned him as Solaris Grand Champion of 3027.


His strength is not in guessing what the enemy will do, but in making the enemy do what he wants them to do.
  —  Deputy Secretary Alex Mallory[63]



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