This article is about the K-1 "DropShuttle" class of small craft. For the DropShuttle type of spacecraft, see DropShuttle.
Dropshuttle K-1 TRO3057r.png
K-1 DropShuttle
Production information
Manufacturer BBP Industries
Brigadier Corporation
Sacrado Industries
Shipil Company
Production Year 2536[1]
Use DropShuttle
Type (Shape) Civilian Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 9,261,250 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 200 tons
Structural Integrity 6
Length 28
Engine (Type) Pratt & Whitney 400
Safe Thrust 2 g
Maximum Thrust 3 g
Fuel 30 tons
Burn Rate 1.84 days[2]
Armor 21 tons standard
Heat Sinks 10
Crew 4
Passengers 6
BV (1.0) 912[3]
BV (2.0) 1,146[citation needed]


The spheroid counterpart to the KR-61 Long Range Shuttle, the K-1-class DropShuttle is technically a small craft and notably also the smallest space vehicle equipped with a Docking Collar for attaching to a JumpShip in the fashion of a DropShip (an unusual feature for a small craft; see Notes below).[4] [5] [2]
It should be noted that "DropShuttle" is a misnomer, as the K-1 is not a DropShuttle in the technical sense.

Originally designed in the Star League era when JumpShips were plentiful and passage aboard them frequent and inexpensive, the K-1 was used for "hops" to neighboring star systems. With the increasing rarity of JumpShips and travel aboard them at a premium since the early Succession Wars, the greater passenger and cargo capacity of regular DropShips has seen the K-1 DropShuttle relegated to the role other long range shuttles have.[4] The Clans are noted to still use the K-1 in its intended role. [5] [2]

A tiny booth is mentioned aboard the K-1 DropShuttle Columbus that serves as both the vessel's breakfast table and a midday workstation. It is unknown if this is a standard feature on K-1 type craft. Similarly, it is mentioned that the cramped cockpit features three seats.[6]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Due to the long range of the craft, the K-1 is outfitted with a minimum of defensive weaponry consisting of single LRM-5 and medium laser mounted in the nose, another medium laser on each side, and a small and medium laser pointing directly aft. [5] [2]

The ship's hull is protected by 21 tons of standard armor, with a large portion of the armor focused in the bow with a lesser amount of the armor in the sides.[2]


The K-1 features sixteen point five tons of cargo capacity and berths for six passengers in steerage compartment.[2]


  • K-1C 
    Introduced in 2914, the Clan version of the venerable K-1, while still classified as a "civilian" vessel, carries better armor as well as a weapons array consisting of five Medium Pulse Lasers. It is almost identical in all other respects.[5] [2] BV (1.0) = 1,413[7], BV (2.0) = 1,681



  • The implied ability of the K-1 to function as a small craft or alternatively as a DropShip for jump purposes technically violates game rules and unit construction rules; there is no established Quirk either for this unique feature (except arguably "Illegal Design"). Further, this dual nature would seem to go against existing rulings and explanations how K-F booms and hardpoints work.
    A possible solution to the conundrum is the assumption that the K-1 does in fact not dock to a hardpoint like a DropShip does (with a K-F boom connection); instead, it just makes use of the standard docking adapter and is small enough to fit inside the jump bubble during a jump even without making any extra effort to extend the K-F field around itself.
  • As of this writing, there is no updated BattleValue listed on Master Unit List.[8]


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