KA-23 Subgun


The KA-23 Subgun is the standard-issue submachine gun of the Draconis Combine's DEST. It features a built-in gas-vent system to reduce recoil, and despite being lightweight is considered very reliable. Considered one of the best SMGs in the Inner Sphere, they are however expensive and hard to find outside Combine territory, and cannot be fitted with additional recoil compensators.[1]



Item: KA-23 Subgun[2]
Equipment Rating: D/X-C-D/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/2B
Range: 6/20/45/100 meters
Shots: 40
Cost/Reload: 250/6
Affiliation: DC
Mass/Reload: 2.5kg/300g
Notes: Burst: 10; Recoil -1


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