KC-9 King Karnov

King Karnov.jpg
KC-9 "King Karnov" Air Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Lockheed-CBM Corporation[1][2]
Production Year 3053[3]
Use Industral Transport, Air Cargo Transport
Tech Base Non-Tournment Legal
Chassis Type (Size) Fixed Wing (Large)[1][2]
Equipment Rating D/X-X-D[1][2]
Cost  ???
Introduced 3053
Technical specifications
Mass 200 tons[1][2]
Structural Integrity 3[1][2]
Safe Thrust 1.5g[1][2]
Max Thrust 2.5g[1][2]
Power Plant Fuel Cell[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) Electric/190 Km[1][2]
Armament None[1][2]
Heat Sinks None[1][2]
Armor Commercial Armor[1][2]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) BAR 7[1][2]
Crew 3 (3 enlisted/non-rated)[1][2]
BV (2.0)  ???


The KC-9 King Karnov is the latest in a series of industrial air transports created by Lockheed/CBM Industries of Gibbs. The product line started in 3001 with the KC-5. The aircraft was dubbed by the media King Karnov due to its passing resemblance to NETC's Karnov VTOL. The aircraft has seen service in both the civilian industrial and military markets. In fact the aircraft appears so similar to the Karnov that in 3012 the New Earth Trading Company filed suit that claimed that Lockheed/CBM officially named the craft the King Karnov. This lawsuit was found to be without merit and was dismissed.[1][2]

The KC-9 has a number of competitors in its field, including the Federated Suns's Cal-Boeing SA-10 "Swallow" and Andurien AeroTech's AAC-60 "Walrus" in the Free Worlds League.[1][2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The aircraft has a cargo capacity of 76 tons with access to the cargo hold via a rear door. This makes it very popular with militia and military forces.[1][2]

KCs are able to take off from short runways and land vertically via their tilt-rotor turbines. The aircraft is protected by six tons of Industrial-grade armor, able to withstand the majority of heavy weaponry.[1][2]

The KC-9 features Prop and VSTOL chassis and control modifications, and one lift hoist at the rear of the aircraft.[1][2]


  • KC-6
    Second production model, this model includes the Praht power plant, but introduces a sophisticated communication system and was introduced in 3015[5].[1][2]
  • KC-10
    A proposed military version of the KC-9. The vehicle, initially to be sold to AFFC, was going to use military spec armor. These plans were dropped after the cost of the new armor would not be compatible with the craft's primary mission.[1][2]


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