Long Range Shuttle KR-61 TRO3057r.png
KR-61 Long-Range Shuttle
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Use In-system Passenger/Cargo Transport
Type (Shape) Civilian Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 3,978,300[1]
Introduced 2598
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Structural Integrity
Length 20.5
Engine (Type) Pitban 300a[2]
Safe Thrust
Maximum Thrust
Burn Rate
Armament None
Armor 10 tons
Heat Sinks None
Crew 2
BV (1.0) 274[3][4]
BV (2.0) ???


While not as versatile as the larger spheroid K-1 DropShuttle, the KR-61 Long-Range Shuttlecraft is the most common aerodyne based long-range shuttle model in human space, used to transport small amounts of passengers and cargo between planets and Jump Points in instances where none of the DropShips attached to the JumpShip are scheduled to detach.[5][6]

Because of long distances between most inner system worlds and the zenith and nadir Jump Points, the KR-61 is equipped with more comprehensive sleeping, sanitary and food-preparation facilities for its two crew members and two passengers than vehicles like the ST-46, also carrying double the fuel to allow such trips.


Primarily intended for civilian use, the KR-61 is totally unarmed, the ten tons worth of armor the craft carries intended more to offer some protection while fleeing from pirate attacks at jump points.


The vessel's small cargo hold is capable storing a mere eight tons of cargo, and functions as the KR-61's sole airlock.[5][6]


  • KR-61C 
    The Clan version of the venerable KR-61 is almost identical, save for using more advanced composite plating offering a minor increase in armor.[5][6] BV (1.0)= 338[7]
  • NL-43 Battle Taxi 
    A streamlined 100 ton landing craft intended for boarding actions, the NL-43 has a sixteen ton infantry compartment. Protected by 20 tons of Stealth Armor powered by a Guardian ECM Suite. Each wing has a pair of Medium X-Pulse Lasers, and another pair cover the aft arc. The NL-43 can now deliver a bomb load, but it can't operate as a VTOL.[8]

Design Quirks[edit]

The NL-43 Battle Taxi variant is subject to the following Design Quirk:[8]



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