Kael Pershaw

Kael Pershaw
Kael Pershaw
AffiliationClan Jade Falcon
Position(s)Loremaster of the Clans

Kael Pershaw was a respected warrior and officer of Clan Jade Falcon who would serve from well before and through Operation REVIVAL, eventually going on to become the Falcons' Loremaster—and by extension—Commander of the Jade Falcon Watch. He later attained the posting of Loremaster of the Clans, serving the ilKhan and the Grand Council in that capacity for well over a decade. Pershaw maintained his role with Clan Jade Falcon during his tenure in the high post, until leaving Strana Mechty in 3072 during the Wars of Reaving, when the last vestiges of the Falcons departed the Clan Homeworlds forever, having been Abjured by will of the Home Clans. Loremaster Pershaw died the next year from wounds sustained while battling the Society in the Deep Periphery, but not before personally carrying out the Annihilation of Etienne (Balzac) at the battle's conclusion.[1][2][3][4]


Hailing from a Bloodname House that originates in Clan Star Adder, Kael Pershaw is said to be a typical warrior of his line; said never to be flashy or overly ambitious, most were simply solid warriors and officers with excellent combat records. Born during the height of the tension-filled Political Century, Pershaw had strong Crusader views and a typically conservative outlook regarding freeborn warriors for most of his life, though time and experience eventually seemed to temper his view regarding the latter. Often described as abrasive—even by Clan warrior standards—Pershaw was known for his abilities with intelligence, analysis, logistics, strategy and tactics, and less for his skill with politics. While serving as Loremaster of Clan Jade Falcon, Pershaw became adept at the role of spymaster, putting his considerable talents to use running what was considered to be one of the highest-rated Watch services in all of the Clans. A veteran of many Trials and battles, much of Pershaw's body had been replaced by various cybernetic prostheses over the years. Both of his legs and his left arm were prosthetic, as well as certain organs, complete with a concealed laser pistol built into his left forearm. A metal half-mask covered much of his face, and his voice was augmented by electronics[5] – all of which served to further alienate him from his fellow officers, to whom his extensive cybernetics imparted a sense of cold inhumanity. It has been speculated that only his lack of political acumen kept him from becoming a Khan of the Jade Falcons, a fact that has not escaped Pershaw himself. He was known to be quietly bitter about circumstances, though he would serve his Clan and the Crusaders' cause with nothing less than total devotion. He would eventually become a highly respected and influential individual during the years spent as Loremaster of the Clans.[2][4][6][7][8]

Early career[edit]

Said to be a promising officer with a knack for exploiting his enemies' weakness on the battlefield, Pershaw steadily rose though the Jade Falcon ranks to earn a Bloodname and attain the rank of Star Colonel in his first few decades as a warrior. During that time, he was a political supporter of then-saKhan Sejanus Buhallin, who was one of the few Jade Falcon warriors to place any trust or value in the reports of Wolf's Dragoons, who were regarded as little more than Wolf freebirths, and therefore, untrustworthy liabilities to the Crusader agenda. Buhallin was later forced from office in favor of ristar Elias Crichell, sometime after the end of the Third Succession War and the apparent news of the Dragoons having "gone native." Star Colonel Pershaw's career hit the rocks after being caught on the wrong side of this political divide, drawing nothing but low-end assignments for many years to come.[2][9]

Battle at Glory Station[edit]

One of these commands happened to be garrison duty on the world of Glory, a backwater planet in the Kerensky Cluster known for its unusually varied topography. Many warriors of the Glory Station Garrison Cluster were freeborns, which of course caused a great deal of tension with the trueborn warriors under his command. Dealing with problems that occurred between the two sides seemed to be an ongoing process, especially with regard to one particular freebirth called Star Commander Jorge, who could not stop brawling with his trueborn counterparts. During one of these incidents, while proscribing punishment against Jorge for killing trueborn Star Commander Bast in another of their brawls, forces of Clan Wolf that had appeared days earlier in-system announced their intentions. The already angry Pershaw was stunned to hear the Wolves' Star Colonel Mikel Furey of the 16th Battle Cluster issue a batchall for the possession of Pershaw's own genetic legacy. Horrified at the prospect of his genes being uprooted from the Jade Falcons to the hated Clan Wolf, Pershaw was forced to use all of the warriors at his disposal in order to keep his legacy out of a Wolf genetic repository. This included Star Commander Jorge and his freeborn warriors. As it turned out, Jorge was able to come up with a plan that Pershaw accepted, one that turned the tide of battle at a key moment, allowing the Jade Falcons to win the engagement. Pershaw reveled in sending Star Captain Dwillt Radick back to his commander in shame, after refusing to take the Wolf officer as a bondsman for the shame of having lost the battle because of the plans of a freebirth.[1][10]

You are such a fraud, Jorge. I could almost like you. 'What we must do, we do.' Spoken like a trueborn, Jorge, but filth in the mouth of a freebirth.
  — Kael Pershaw to Jorge/Aidan after the battle of Glory Station

Begrudgingly forced to honor the freeborn for his achievements in battle, he was surprised when Star Commander Jorge announced that he was actually a trueborn named Aidan, who had masqueraded as a freeborn in order to be a warrior. Further, Aidan demanded the right to fight for a Pryde Bloodname legacy which had become vacant. Outraged at the deceitful and shameless pretense, Pershaw ordered Aidan detained and brought before the Clan Council on Ironhold, along with witnesses Joanna and Horse, where he would testify against Aidan and Ter Roshak, the Falconer Commander who orchestrated the entire scheme. Though the Clan Council and Khan Crichell decided against Aidan's claim—as well as condemning Joanna and Ter Roshak in the process—the young Star Commander challenged the decision to a Trial of Refusal. He would win the Trial against daunting three to one odds, alongside his former Falconers, who both chose to cast their lots with Aidan's Trial of Refusal, each for varying reasons. As Pershaw watched Aidan fight through this, and the subsequent Trial of Bloodright, he began to have mixed feelings about the warrior, admiring his skill and fighting spirit. Though Pershaw would part ways with the young warrior, it was not the last of Aidan Pryde that he would see during his lifetime.[1][11]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Pershaw's command prior to coming to the Inner Sphere

After Aidan's Blooding, Star Colonel Pershaw began to receive markedly better assignments, with plenty of heavy fighting. During a raid against Clan Star Adder, Pershaw was grievously injured. Due to the fact that Pershaw had a rare condition that rendered him highly allergic to the Clans' regenerative gene therapy treatments, he chose to have the damage repaired with cybernetic and mechanical prostheses, instead of medically grown replacement limbs and organs. More prostheses were slowly added over the years, resulting in Pershaw's truly becoming more machine than man. His already poor relations with other Clansmen further deteriorated because of this; most warriors regard cybernetics and prosthetics with great disdain. Some had even noted that his appearance had taken on a monstrous aspect at times.[2][4][12]

As Operation REVIVAL began to draw near, Pershaw held the rank of Galaxy Commander, commanding Sigma Galaxy in the Clan Homeworlds. He mostly involved himself with administrative duties, while leaving much of the day-to-day command of the Galaxy to his subordinate Star Colonels.[2]

After the devastating Jade Falcon loss on Twycross in September of 3050, newly elected saKhan Vandervahn Chistu requested that Pershaw—one of Chistu's former commanders—be reassigned to the Inner Sphere as a top-level adviser. Though it effectively meant a demotion back to the rank of Star Colonel, Pershaw had few qualms about his new role. SaKhan Chistu also wanted to re-form the Falcon Guards as a unit, and asked Pershaw to aid him in the task of choosing new leadership. With the disgrace of Twycross hanging over the Cluster, few wanted to command what was often referred to as a dezgra unit by other Jade Falcon warriors. Pershaw knew immediately that only one Falcon Star Colonel would be receptive to the offer, and even well-suited for the role of commander of the new Falcon Guards. Star Colonel Aidan Pryde had been languishing as commander of Nega Garrison Cluster, charged with mop-up and defense of worlds conquered by the front line Galaxies. SaKhan Chistu agreed with Pershaw's assessment, and though Khan Elias Crichell was not quite so magnanimous about the decision, the Jade Falcon Guards were re-formed in time for participation in the Battle of Tukayyid.[13][14][15][16]

Good! Good! Then perhaps, in your own arrogance, you are the proper choice to command the new Falcon Guards!
  — Kael Pershaw informing Star Colonel Aidan Pryde of his new command.[17]

Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

Pershaw's role during the battle with the Com Guards was as strategic adviser to saKhan Chistu and Head of Operations for Clan Jade Falcon. As the fighting raged day and night, Pershaw orbited far above the fray in a Spectre Command/Control aerospace craft, relaying pertinent information and a constant stream of new orders to the commanders below as he coordinated much of their effort. He also observed at the war councils, often keeping the proceedings on track in his abrasive and sometimes imperious manner when need be. Pershaw especially kept tabs on the Falcon Guards, who had broken out to nearly take the objective of Olalla after securing a bridgehead on the Prezno River.[18] While the Jade Falcon Guards were ultimately unable to claim the objective, they wiped out the 201st BattleMech Division and 77th ComStar Division, before reinforcements from six other divisions arrived. As the days thundered by and the situation became untenable, the Falcons began to withdraw from the world. The Falcon Guards and 2nd Falcon Jaegers under the command of Star Colonel Marthe Pryde covered the withdrawal, with up-to-the-minute tactical aid from Pershaw aboard his Specter. As the Com Guard 4th Army and 309th Division closed on the retreating Falcons to cut them off from escape, the Falcon Guards and the Falcon Jaegers would rise to the occasion, obliterating the 309th along the way. As the DropShips were boarded, Pershaw helped to guide Aidan Pryde in tracking the surrounding Com Guard forces, keeping them at bay. Star Colonel Pryde stayed behind, as the DropShip Raptor broke free from the surface of Tukayyid. He went on to destroy over a company of Com Guard BattleMechs, as Pershaw offered sensor data and support to the heroic effort until his very last minutes, when communications failed aboard Aidan's Timber Wolf. The actions saved the lives of the surviving warriors of Jade Falcon Galaxy, and the overall performance of the Falcon Guards helped their Clan to earn a draw, rather than a loss as most Clans faced in the disastrous battle. All of this was at the cost of Star Colonel Aidan Pryde, who died defending his Clan from the Com Guards. Pershaw would later take an important role in accepting Pryde's genetic legacy into the Clan's eugenics program, offering his final respect to the fallen warrior.[1][19][20][21]

Loremaster and spymaster[edit]

Loremaster of the Clans, 3059

At some point after Tukayyid in 3052, Kael Pershaw officially became the Jade Falcons' Loremaster and head of the Jade Falcon Watch. While lacking the experience, infrastructure and funding of many Inner Sphere intelligence agencies, Pershaw was able to shape the Watch into an efficient force more than capable of carrying out its mission. One reported operation in 3054 even fooled ComStar into mistaking Wolf and Jade Falcon units for each other in some of their field reports.[2][3]

In 3057, anomalies in various scientist caste shipping manifests and other related inconsistencies led Pershaw to suspect some type of plot was being perpetrated against his Clan. Though he was not clear on who was involved, he suspected Clan Wolf scheming to be involved. After sending Star Commander Joanna to the facility under the guise of a warrior being sent to solahma, new information gathered at an uncharted world called Dogg was able to clarify the situation. The discovery of bodies of dead warriors—some of them heroes—mixed in with techs and other lower caste members, and all of them loaded into mislabeled containers being traded between Clans at first appeared an act of sabotage on the Jade Falcon breeding program, but later turned out to be a much larger conspiracy among the scientist castes of several Clans. The revelation that certain Falcon warriors were born from unauthorized combinations of genes from Clan Wolf supported this, and confirmed for Pershaw what had long been suspected about a conspiracy in the ranks of the scientists.[22][23]

The conspiracy deepened in 3059, when evidence emerged from Huntress that Clan Smoke Jaguar possessed a copy of Aidan Pryde's genetic legacy. Coupled with the cloak of secrecy that the scientists spread over nearly everything they did, the picture of a vast secret society began to emerge. Scientist Peri (Watson) further investigated Jade Falcon Scientist-General Etienne (Balzac), finding a secret facility on Ironhold that contained a clone sibko decanted solely from the genes of Aidan Pryde. In 3062, these findings were confirmed by Scientist Peri, as well as the Watch, resulting in Khan Marthe Pryde sacking Etienne from the post of Scientist-General, and exiling him from the Inner Sphere worlds, where he had developed an extensive network to hide and conduct illegal research. Pershaw would still keep tabs on The Society, though several events served to distract him and his Watch operations over the next few years.[24][25][26]

In service to the Grand Council[edit]

In addition to his activities with the Jade Falcon Clan Watch, Pershaw also served the Grand Council as Loremaster of the Clans, a position he held from around early 3058 until the chaotic years leading up to the Wars of Reaving. Along with this posting came responsibility for the All-Clan Watch, which answered only to the Grand Council and the ilKhan. In January of that year, he witnessed the rise of Elias Crichell to the post of ilKhan, and his subsequent death at the hands of Khan Vlad Ward, leaving the seat vacant once more. The election of another ilKhan would wait until they could hold a proper Grand Council on Strana Mechty.[27]

He likewise saw the rise of the Home Clan Coalition, and its fall, as the Harvest Trials took much of the Crusader fire out of Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney's upstart coalition. Pershaw oversaw the ascension of Lincoln Osis to ilKhan in November of 3058, as well as the Clans' reactions to news of the Second Star League, and its successful attacks on Smoke Jaguar-held territory, all while dealing with his own Clan's disturbing reports regarding the Society, analyzing the data and coordinating responses. He also maintained the peace in the Hall of Khans when debate turned to feud once more between Clan Steel Viper and his own Jade Falcons on several occasions. He was also there to record the accusations against Clan Burrock involving secret Dark Caste dealings, accusations that brought about their Absorption by Clan Star Adder soon after.[28][29][30][31]

When news of the Inner Sphere attack on Huntress arrived at Strana Mechty in 3060, Loremaster Pershaw conducted and tallied the unanimous vote to stay out of the Smoke Jaguar affair, watching as the Jaguars were Annihilated by forces that claimed to represent the Second Star League. Pershaw also observed Victor Steiner-Davion's challenge and victory during the Great Refusal, and the subsequent death of the great Crusade against the Inner Sphere at the hands of Task Force Serpent. Later, from his post in the Grand Council, he glared and met Victor's gaze as the Archon-Prince mounted the dais at the center of the Hall of Khans to make his address to the assembly, but the old Loremaster could say or do nothing to reverse the results of the fateful Trial.[32][33]

Loremaster Pershaw conducted Grand Council sessions without an ilKhan for several years after the death of Lincoln Osis, but the effectiveness of the body was increasingly called into question by many of the Khans. After the Great Refusal, the Home Clans' anger smoldered until hostilities again broke out. The Steel Vipers, who had taken aim at the Jade Falcons in the Grand Council for years, were once again criticizing the Falcons' use of freeborn warriors – and especially their allowing a freeborn, Diana, to compete for the Pryde Bloodname. This hostility presaged a surprise attack in June of 3061, in which the Steel Vipers attempted to wrest control of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. They were ultimately repulsed and driven from the Inner Sphere by an extensive Jade Falcon counterattack that left the Clan's touman greatly weakened. The Vipers were humiliated by the defeat, which included Perigard Zalman's loss at the hands of Diana Pryde in a duel on the key world of Waldorff.[34][35]

Politics and power plays[edit]

Clan Watch Insignia

The Jade Falcons were kept busy on both of their fronts for a time. Loremaster Pershaw often had to analyze data from their Inner Sphere enemies, assisting Khan Pryde with information that allowed her to prepare strikes into Lyran territory in 3064. While following up on investigations into The Society, Pershaw remained on distant Strana Mechty to fulfill his role with the Grand Council. One of the few failures of the Watch was to detect an area of the Twycross system that naturally produced a material with similar properties to HarJel, before conceding all future rights to the world to Clan Diamond Shark in 3067, in exchange for Shark holdings on Lum in the Kerensky Cluster. Also, the Falcons' ProtoMech development program was scrapped at this time, deemed to be a failure by many in the warrior caste. The truth that the research program had been sabotaged by many of the very scientists working on the project would not be realized for several years. Neither did anyone notice that funding for the program continued in spite of the warrior caste's order to abandon it, hidden within the veils of secrecy woven by the scientist caste.[36][37][38]

The Steel Vipers and Jade Falcons continued to clash in the Homeworlds, with hostilities coming to a head in 3069. After a brutal exchange on the world of Marshall that saw the Falcons break their bid unannounced—as well as use a massive artillery barrage to regain their advantage over the Viper forces—Khan Brett Andrews of the Steel Vipers demanded censure of the Jade Falcons, claiming them to be irredeemably tainted by contact with the Inner Sphere. When this vote failed, the Vipers took it upon themselves to enact revenge. Within 36 hours of the failed vote, the Steel Vipers struck with their entire touman in a relentless wave of assaults that would push the Falcons from the Clan Homeworlds. By February of 3070, the only possession owned by the Falcons in the Homeworlds was their enclave on Strana Mechty, which all Clans not Abjured, Absorbed or Annihilated were entitled to by Clan law.[39][40]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

Pershaw maintained his position, but was somewhat isolated in the increasing chaos of the Clan Homeworlds. In early 3072, newly elected ilKhan Brett Andrews announced his intention of cleansing the Clans of Inner Sphere taint through the process of Reaving. Any Bloodname associated with an Invading Clan could be targeted with a Reaving, carried out by simply challenging the warrior holding the Bloodname to an immediate Trial of Reaving. IlKhan Andrews demonstrated this by calling a Reaving on saKhan Angus Labov of Clan Diamond Shark, who was present in the chamber. After Labov's acceptance of the Trial (and demand that it be carried out with no delay), Andrews quickly hurled a concealed knife and stuck Labov in the throat killing him on the floor of the Grand Council. A frenzy soon broke out on Strana Mechty as Clan Wolf took the Kerensky Blood Chapel, and seized the Founder's genetic legacies. Clan Wolf Star Colonel Ramil Kerensky challenged the rest of the Clans to take it back from them. Later, the Wolves claimed to have destroyed the legacies, which further enraged the Clans that were vying for the prestige of housing the genes of the Founders. Secretly, the legacies made their way back to the Wolves in the Inner Sphere where they were safe from the indiscriminate violence blossoming in the Homeworlds.[8][41][42]

During the following days, chaos descended on Strana Mechty, as every Clan became involved in the fighting, sometimes against the Wolves and other Spheroid Clans, but often against anyone in reach. The Wolves were put up for a Trial of Annihilation by the Grand Council (excluding the Ghost Bears, Jade Falcons, and Hell's Horses), but the results of the vote were ordered to be kept secret. Loremaster Pershaw's loyalty was to Clan law and tradition, and not to the individuals wielding power, so he informed Loremaster Laurie Tseng of the Ghost Bears as well as his Khans, and was ordered to gather all Falcon personnel and depart Strana Mechty. As Pershaw prepared his staff to leave, Steel Viper Star Colonel Thomas Andrews accosted him on orders from the Viper Watch, which had picked up on the Jade Falcon plans and declared a Reaving on Pershaw for betraying the ilKhan and the Grand Council. Pershaw and Andrews entered a Circle of Equals after a surprising challenge from the old Loremaster who claimed no weapons but his "flesh and bones, and the machines grafted to them." Pershaw shot Andrews with the laser pistol grafted into his left arm and walked away, taking enough time to allow all members of the Jade Falcon enclave to escape. The rest of Andrew's Star were stunned at the outcome, but allowed Pershaw to leave in peace because the spirit of the Trial had not been violated in spite of what had transpired. By the time their anger motivated them to finally give chase, it was too late. Pershaw would never see the Clan Homeworlds again.[8]

Ice Hellion invasion[edit]

In 3071, word from a small Clan Goliath Scorpion expedition to former Rim Worlds Republic sites reached the Jade Falcon Watch. The Scorpions reported two Clan Ice Hellion invasion fleets approaching the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Weeks later, Operation ICE STORM began – which Pershaw later referred to as the "Hellion Tantrum".[43][44]

After a vicious series of struggles that saw many worlds change hands from Falcon to Hellion and back within a half-year's time, saKhan Connor Rood fought a losing battle in the Dark Nebula against the Hell's Horses' Theta Galaxy and the Jade Falcons' Delta Galaxy. Falcon saKhan Samantha Clees offered hegira after a naval exchange that saw much of the Ice Hellions' fleet captured or destroyed. Rood accepted in order to save the lives of his remaining forces. Khan Raina Montose was killed shortly after on Vantaa, in March of 3072. By this point, Pershaw's small flotilla had arrived from the Clan Homeworlds after a six month circuit. Assessing the situation, Pershaw ordered Alpha Galaxy to assemble and begin flanking attacks to secure planetary systems from the Hellions. His arrival was fortuitous. Their cagey allies, the Hell's Horses, had liberated several worlds, from Steelton to Botany Bay, choosing to retain possession of them in spite of Falcon protests. Pershaw's last report on the retreating Ice Hellions followed Rood until their jump into the Deep Periphery, but no further. He suspected they would stop at Nouveaux Prime, aware that an Ice Hellion garrison was on that world.[44][45][46]

Annihilation of The Society[edit]

My Khans, be wary. Something is stalking the Falcon; with our eyes wide open, we will turn the tables and triumph once again over our foes.
  — (Excerpt) Loremaster Kael Pershaw, Watch Addendum 30053072[47]

In 3070, Pershaw reported the disappearance of Scientist Peri (Watson) to Khan Pryde. Peri had been conducting further investigations into The Society on several Clan worlds, uncovering more clues to their agenda. Events of the Wars of Reaving and the Jihad served to distract the Jade Falcons from their hidden enemies, though this changed after the Falcons' flight from Strana Mechty. By 3072, an outbreak of virulent infection was spreading among certain segments of the warrior caste, centered on several Bloodname houses. The Chistu and Mattlov lines were particularly hit hard by the mysterious ailment, with few surviving its passing. Also, several computer viruses paralyzed JumpShip resources and HPG generators across the Occupation Zone, and into Wolf and Hell's Horses territory, greatly disrupting communications and trade across the region. Almost to confirm who was behind this, the former Scientist-General, Etienne (Balzac), sent an ultimatum to Khan Pryde, demanding that the warrior caste stand down from power in favor of the scientists, whom he called "the true keepers of Kerensky's vision". He backed up his demand by threatening to destroy the Jade Falcons' genetic repository on Wotan, as well as several key industrial complexes, while hinting that he would unleash more biological weapons on his attackers if need be. Khan Pryde soon issued orders for the Annihilation of the entire Jade Falcon Scientist caste in response to the threat.[38][44][48][49]

Organizing the Jade Falcon Watch into squads, Pershaw, and his protégé, Star Colonel Brian Pryde, ordered their forces to go from planet to planet secretly carrying out their mission. All trueborn scientists were targeted, as were many freeborn scientists that fell under any suspicion. Scientists native to the Inner Sphere who associated with their trueborn Clan counterparts were also eliminated as a precaution. The operations were swiftly carried out, and in most cases, a world was deemed "cleansed" within a week of their arrival. 65% of their determined targets were terminated in the first waves, but it was those who temporarily escaped their doom that would cause problems for the Jade Falcons for many years to come.[38][48][50]

Etienne and the Society fought back by releasing another SLOT Virus in 3073, and gathering support from dissatisfied elements of the populations under Falcon rule. The Society cells operated with near total autonomy, though with some coordination and planning from Etienne. Pershaw gathered the Jade Falcons' Alpha Galaxy at Von Strang's World, along with the WarShips CJF Falcon's Nest, CJF Hawk Eye, and CJF Turkina's Pride for a push toward a planet in the Deep Periphery called Etienne's Sanctuary. During the final assault, Kael Pershaw led a Star of infantry and Elementals into Etienne's stronghold, after the 101st Battle Cluster breached the walls. Leading the way into the den of evil, Pershaw suffered severe wounds from the fighting inside the scientist's fortress. Regardless of pain, Pershaw soldiered on anyway, knowing that he had to fulfill one last task. Upon seeing and recognizing Etienne amongst those inside the facility, he immediately shot the chalcas rebel leader through the face. Soon afterward, Kael Pershaw died from his wounds, satisfied that he had seen the end of Etienne's threat to his Clan.[48][51]


Having long since prepared his replacement as head of the Jade Falcon Watch, Kael Pershaw could rest easy knowing that his Clan would survive and thrive long after his demise. His elimination of Etienne (Balzac) was a morale boost for his Clan during the dark years of the Jihad, though it would take many more years of sporadic fighting to complete the Annihilation of the rebel scientists.[52]

Additional Quotes[edit]

If any freebirth scum has killed off a newly qualified Jade Falcon warrior to take his place, I will personally see to it that he or she has his skin peeled off alive.
  — Kael Pershaw to Deval Huddock regarding the possibility of a Clan Wolf spy in their ranks[53]


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