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System Information
X:Y Coordinates [e]
Image Not Available
Planetary System Info
Star Type Unknown
Position in System Unknown
Time to Jump Point 6+ days
Recharging Station None
HPG Facility Class None
Percent, Level of Native Life Tetatae homeworld
Planetary Capital Unknown

Kaetetôã is a planet in an unknown location. It has no known connection to the Inner Sphere or any region of space known to humanity, and was reached only by accidental misjumps. The planet is notable for being the homeworld of the intelligent Tetatae species.

The system contains two different worlds suitable for human habitation, a planet named "Kaetetôã" and a large moon called "Far Country" by the humans. Either of these names could arguably be applied to the star system as a whole, for which no specific name was established.

In the Tetatae language, Kaetetôã literally means "Earth and Sky".

On at least two occasions, JumpShips from the Draconis Combine jumping out of the Salford system misjumped to Kaetetôã's system by accident: On 9 November 2510, the Leviathan-class JumpShip Raiden tried to jump from Salford to Brailsford but misjumped to Kaetetôã instead and was wrecked in the process. Almost exactly 546 years later, on 7 November 3056, the Scout-class JumpShip Telendine suffered the same fate in an attempt to jump from Salford to a classified destination. In both cases, surviving DropShips and lifeboats made planetfall on Kaetetôã.

Both JumpShips apparently emerged from the misjump at the same destination Jump Point within the system, and found that they were closing with the planet at a speed of around 700,000 km/h. However, it must have been the planet that approached the unmoving JumpShips, because jumping vessels always emerge inert from a jump and cannot be moving towards a planet. This suggests that the arrivals occurred not at a standard jump point such as the system's Zenith or Nadir jump points, but rather at an irregular jump point situated in Kaetetôã's orbital ecliptic (its "flight path") around its sun.

Initial plans of the Raiden's crew called for undocking the DropShips after six days of "drifting" towards Kaetetôã. The wreckage of the Raiden ended up orbiting Kaetetôã where it was detected by the survivors from the Telendine 546 years later.


Kaetetôã appears to be roughly similar to Terra, and sports plains, rivers, and jungles, as well as mountains. Survivors from the Raiden colonized the world and established a human population that still existed after more than 500 years, despite being cut-off from the rest of humanity.

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