Kaifeng 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates71.853 : -152.286[e]
Recharge station(s)Zenith

Political Affiliation[edit]


Jump Point distance10 days[citation needed]
Moons1 (Nochen)[citation needed]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalMahabodhi[citation needed]
HPG ClassB[citation needed]

Planetary History[edit]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Despite ComStar placing the Federated Suns under a communications interdiction after the invasion of Sarna in mid-3029, the Capellan Operations Command of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns received enough positive reports from the fifth wave of Operation RAT to launch the sixth wave in the second week of August 3029. The decision to launch wave six was in part driven by contact from planetary governments in the unconquered region of the Sarna Commonality, indicating that the perceived threat of being annexed by the Free Worlds League was prompting a groundswell of opinion among those governments that being absorbed by the Federated Suns was a preferable alternative to being conquered by House Marik. The countless raids and invasions by the Free Worlds League Military over the centuries had embedded an intense hatred of House Marik among the planetary populations within the region, and confidence in the Capellan Confederation's ability to defend them was falling.[10]

Kaifeng was one of the targets of the sixth wave of attacks, and was defended by just the planetary militia. The COC assigned the invasion of Kaifeng to the elite Davion Light Guards Regimental Combat Team, and the militia initially fought well against the invaders. Unfortunately for the defenders, a lack of supplies eroded the militia's ability to keep fighting; whereas the militia on other worlds chose to surrender when faced with the reality that continued resistance was impossible, the leader of the militia on Kaifeng was a fanatic and the militia resorted to suicide tactics.[10]


Operation GUERRERO caused a massive shakeup in the Sarna March and the formerly Capellan territories that the Federated Suns had captured in the Fourth Succession War. With interstellar government power failing, the area became known as the Chaos March. The world of Sarna had repulsed an invasion attempt and subsequently reconstituted the ancient Sarna Supremacy. The little realm only encompassed three worlds including Kaifeng, which was the "breadbasket" world upon which the others relied for food imports.

In 3058 Kaifeng was invaded by Warrior House Hiritsu, a key part in the Confederation's efforts to bring the resurgent Sarna Supremacy to its knees. Defending Kaifeng was the bulk of the former Kaifeng Sarna March Militia under the command of Leftenant General Cynthia Fallon, along with some mercenary commands. (Kaifeng had been one of three administrative commands within the Palos Operational Area of the Sarna March prior to the formation of the Chaos March, and following the collapse of the Sarna March the Kaifeng Sarna March Militia had become a part of the military of the Sarna Supremacy without changing its name or commanding officer.)[20][21]

Planetary Garrison[edit]








Kaifeng is an agricultural world that exports its food surplus to feed a number nearby worlds, especially Sarna and Sakhalin. The system features an Olympus-class recharging station, Jodo Shinsa, at the Zenith Jump Point. The planet of Kaifeng has one moon, Nochen, which is described as very small (likened to an asteroid) and produces only the smallest lunar tides. The world has a gravity of 1.1g and a breathable atmosphere. Sixty percent of the land is covered with dense, heavy jungle; the other forty percent is among the most productive agricultural land in the Inner Sphere.[23] The main export product is rice, which alone was reported to amount to four hundred million metric tons in 3058.[20]

There are three large colonized and cultivated districts, each administered by a single large city: Franklin in the southern hemisphere, Beijing and Tarrahouse in the northern. Tarrahouse sits next to the large Lake Ch'u Yuan (which is described as an inverted "L") and the large Jinxiang River. The latter cuts through the Shé Shan Hills in a fairly straight east-west line three kilometers upriver from Tarrahouse. A road runs alongside the river, but the bulk transport is by river barges. The planet's capital (and largest city), Mahabodhi, is situated outside the Beijing district and has the only operable full-service spaceport on the planet. It is also the primary garrison center. Food from all districts is brought to the respective administrative centers and shipped to Mahabodhi from there to be moved off-world.[20]

Kaifeng culture has strong Chinese roots, having been held by the Capellan Confederation from the mid-twenty-fourth century to the Fourth Succession War that ended in 3030.[20]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • The city of Tarrahouse.[20]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 68 systems (67 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Truth 9.6 Sakhalin 14.6 Heligoland 16.0 Sarna 17.0
Matsu 17.3 Minnacora 19.1 Tsingtao 21.7 Sarmaxa 21.7
Menkib 23.6 Lhasa 23.6 New Athens 25.4 Randar 25.6
New Sagan 26.6 Quemoy 27.4 Remshield 28.4 Zaurak 29.0
Ilmar 29.4 No Return 29.5 New Macao 30.5 Mandate 30.9
Ares 32.0 Kek 33.2 Bora 33.5 Achilles 33.7
Wei 34.1 Palos 34.7 Relevow 36.0 Capricorn 37.6
Ulan Bator 38.2 Aer 39.1 Capella 39.1 Cammal 41.5
Moravian 42.2 Aosia 42.3 Shipka 42.4 Staffin 42.6
Highspire 43.6 Vintru 45.0 Lee 45.2 Aldertaine 47.3
Necromo 47.7 Tsitsang 48.0 Foot Fall 48.1 Geifer 48.3
Brighton 48.6 Gei-Fu 48.9 Raballa 50.4 Plataea 50.9
Yunnah 51.4 St. Andre 52.0 Second Try 52.3 Corey 52.9
Bell 53.3 Alto 54.4 Monhegan 54.5 Gahral 54.5
Undra 55.2 Sharpe 55.8 Nashuar 56.1 Hunan 56.3
Chitwan 56.8 Sichuan 57.0 Foochow 57.4 Taga 57.7
New Crete 57.9 Elnath 58.9 Perkasie 59.5 Hurgh 60.2


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