Kajuka Aerospace Division

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Kajuka Aerospace Division
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Texlos
Primary Products Weapons

Located in the St. Ives Commonality, Kajuka Aerospace Division manufactures lasers for other Capellan Confederation defense contractors.[1]


During the era of the St. Ives Compact, Kajuka shipped its lasers both to the Compact and the Federated Commonwealth. Circa 3054 the Texlos plant was a hive of activity as FedCom engineers assisted Kajuka's personnel to upgrade their production lines to manufacture Pulse Laser versions of their popular weapons.[2]


Kajuka (Aerospace Division) has manufacturing center on the following planets:


Note: During the Jihad the facility on Texlos, suffered capital and personnel losses of 30%, and the operating capacity of the factory have a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[3]

Components produced on Texlos:
Component Type
Kajuka Type 2 "Bright Blossom" Medium laser - Shipped to St. Ives, Sarna & Tikonov for Cheetah and to Warlock for Cossack & Helios
Kajuka Type 1 "Stiletto" Small Laser - Shipped to St. Ives, Sarna & Tikonov for Cheetah
Kajuka Type 1P Small Pulse Laser
Kajuka Type 2P Medium Pulse Laser


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