Kajuka Aerospace Division

Kajuka Aerospace Division
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Corporation Profile

Located in the St. Ives Commonality, Kajuka Aerospace Division manufactures lasers for other Capellan Confederation defense contractors.[1]


During the era of the St. Ives Compact, Kajuka shipped its lasers both to the Compact and the Federated Commonwealth. Circa 3054 the Texlos plant was a hive of activity as FedCom engineers assisted Kajuka's personnel to upgrade their production lines to manufacture Pulse Laser versions of their popular weapons.[2]


Kajuka (Aerospace Division) has manufacturing center on the following planets:


Note: During the Jihad the facility on Texlos, suffered capital and personnel losses of 30%, and the operating capacity of the factory have a full production volume of 100% in 3079.[3]

Components produced on Texlos:
Component Type
Kajuka Type 2 "Bright Blossom" Medium laser - Shipped to St. Ives, Sarna & Tikonov for Cheetah and to Warlock for Cossack & Helios
Kajuka Type 1 "Stiletto" Small Laser - Shipped to St. Ives, Sarna & Tikonov for Cheetah
Kajuka Type 1P Small Pulse Laser
Kajuka Type 2P Medium Pulse Laser


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