Kalkuliertes Chaos

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Kalkuliertes Chaos
Product information
Type Novel
Author Jochen Hahn
Karsten Kaeb
Pages 300
Cover artwork Karsten Schreurs
Publication information
Publisher Ulisses Spiele GmbH
Product code 41035
First published 23 January 2016
ISBN-13 978-3957526946
MSRP 11,50 €
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3-23 August 3053
Series Adel vernichtet
Preceded by Der Erbe

Kalkuliertes Chaos ("Calculated Chaos") is the 30th in the line of original German-language Classic BattleTech novels that was published originally by FanPro and then continued by Ulisses Spiele. Written by Jochen Hahn and Karsten Kaeb and published on 23 January 2016, it is the second book in the Adel vernichtet duology.


Written in German and exclusively published in that language so far, Kalkuliertes Chaos does not meet the current criteria for Canon in the BattleTech universe. As an official product published under a valid license, it should be regarded as apocryphal.

From the back cover (translated from German)[edit]

The reputation of Cammal's reinstated Duke as a white hope and savior has fundamentally changed within a few short weeks. Unrest that can barely be kept under control is spreading across the planet. The Youngblood Renegades mercenaries face the near-impossible task of defending their disputed fief while the greater share of their regiment is tied up in other battles light-years away.

And there are yet other forces who seem to play all parties against each other to further their opaque agenda.

Plot Summary[edit]

Having installed Duke Michael Razza de Leon as (ostensibly) the rightful heir to the vacant throne of Cammal, his advisors—lawyer Richard Foster-Drake, Colonel David Lee, and medical advisor Dr. Anabel Faber, the true driving force behind the events—pass and enact a world-wide gun control law in Razza's name to disarm the various autonomous groups on the planet. As expected, this causes massive unrest and legal disputes.

Besides the "Lionhearts" (ducal forces who had become mercenaries when the throne became vacant but who have now returned to serve the new duke), the factions on Cammal include the Youngblood Renegades (mercenaries under CO Jason Craig Youngblood, who hold a substantiual independent fief on the planet), and the world's megacorporation Winterland Enterprises (who maintain their own army, and have secretly been working on lostech, drone technology, and a system resembling C3 networks), in addition to several disgruntled local militias who receive weapons and support from an unknown agency. Yet another mercenary unit, the Satillio-Füsiliere, is inbound, having been hired by Razza's advisors.

The young and inexperienced Duke Razza meanwhile has to cope with his feelings for Robin Youngblood, daughter of the Youngblood Renegades' CO, and attempts to woo her with limited success (as Robin is already in a relationship with the rowdy Marco di Vega, a former periphery pirate now serving in the Youngblood Renegades). Following an awkward meeting with Robin, Razza is wounded by a gunman (Harker) and hospitalized. The surgeon who treated him dies in a suspicious traffic accident after inquiring about Razza's medical files, and the Youngblood Renegades attempt to track down the files in a race against time as tensions are mounting on Cammal, with attacks against police forces and firefights breaking out between various factions.

Razza's advisors, led by Foster-Drake, aim to incite civil disobedience or even a civil war that will allow them to declare martial law. They hope to assume control of the world through their puppet duke. However, they have failed to understand the true power on Cammal: Winterland Enterprises under CEO Judy de Winter. Unafraid of illicit dealings with the Capellan Confederation, she had used the power vacuum to grow the megacorporation including a large secret army and now Razza's advisors are infringing on her position and cover, prompting her to take action. She re-assumes the PA(L)-clad persona of the Schattenmann ("Shadow Man", a legendary local underground figure) to openly offer support to the Renegades, citing her desire to return the status quo on Cammal to the stable situation prior to the current crisis.

The arrival of the Satillio-Füsiliere gives Razza's advisors a military advantage. They move against the Youngblood Renegades in earnest and begin rounding up the local government representatives. But the Renegades had already secretly relocated their assets. The Lionhearts take up positions between the Renegades and the Satillio-Füsiliere, hoping to achieve a bloodless surrender of the Renegades through having captured Robin Youngblood. Foster-Drake has her taken to him.

The military situation comes to a head on 7 August 3053. Besieged by Lee's troops, the Lionhearts and the Satillio-Füsiliere, the Youngblood Renegades mount an unexpected counterattack that is supported by militia forces and Winterland Enterprises drone units, while sabotage and shell games neutralize the ducal aerospace forces.

Duke Razza and the Lionhearts go against Foster-Drake's plan when Razza orders the Satillio-Füsiliere to stand down and storms Foster-Drake's command post in a rescue mission for Robin Youngblood. As they confront each other, a planet-wide broadband transmission from the ruling council's president announces that blood samples prove Duke Michael Razza de Leon of Cammal is in fact not Maria Razza's son, and therefore not the rightful duke. Just as Foster-Drake orders them all be shot a Renegades squad under Marco di Vega arrives to rescue Robin Youngblood. Foster-Drake is shot, and Razza is wounded trying to protect Robin (again).

The ducal forces surrender shortly afterwards. Colonel Lee was killed in combat. Anabel Faber is unaccounted for. By 23 August, an interim government under Youngblood Renegades leadership has been installed, and Cammal has largely returned to normal.

"Michael Razza de Leon" finds that he was in fact a MechWarrior Sergeant George Ingram. He had lost his memory after being wounded in battle, and had been fed false information (or outright brainwashed) by Dr. Faber. Recognizing him as another victim of Foster-Drake, the local authorities decide against prosecuting him and allow him to leave the world. He meets Robin Youngblood one last time at the starport. She hands over documents by which the Youngblood Renegades waive rights to his confiscated Warhammer, thereby transferring the valuable 'Mech back to him as a parting gift.

Featured BattleTech[edit]


Aerospace Fighters[edit]




  • Scout (Santa Catalina)
  • Star Lord (Nuova Castilia)
  • unspecified JumpShip Black Eagle