Kalvin Bar-Dyness

Kalvin Bar-Dyness
AffiliationTortuga Dominions

Kalvin Bar-Dyness was one of the Pirate Lords within the Tortuga Dominions.

Character History[edit]

In September 3007, two regiments from Wolf's Dragoons raided the planet New Hati and heavily damaged the pirate forces under Kalvin Bar-Dyness's command. This would discourage further pirate attacks into the Federated Suns for years.[1]

In 3015, her Senior Mate on the Tortuga City's Council of the Damned Paula Trevaline, challenged him to a fencing match. In this match, her skills allowed her to achieve one of her life goals, becoming supreme leader of the Pirates of Tortuga Dominion after killing Kalvin.[2]


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