Kampen 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates−739.714 : 907.185[e]

The Kampen system was the location of at least one habitable world or construct and as of 3141 was located in the Scorpion Empire.[1] It is approximately 1,171 light-years from Terra in the coreward/anti-spinward direction.

System Description[edit]

Kampen is located near the Falsterbo and Kalmar systems.[2][2]

System History[edit]

Kampen was one of the systems that formed a part of the Deep Periphery nation known as the Hanseatic League.[2]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Atmospheric pressureToxic[4]
Government and Infrastructure

Planetary History[edit]

During Escorpión Imperio's takeover of the Hanseatic League, Regional Defense Force 7, whose forces had been split evenly with Dorpat, consolidated on Kampen at the start of the invasion. Tau Galaxy landed on-world as part of Wave 2 which began on 28 January 3140, but the defenders fought fanatically, driving them back to their DropShips and killing Galaxy Commander Isaac Posavatz in the process. Zephyr Rood of the Fourth Scorpion Cuirassiers assumed control of Tau Galaxy and executed a combat drop on the capital city of Utrecht. A devastating urban battled ensued, destroying purification equipment required to reduce the world's natural airborne toxins to safe levels. The battle ended after five brutal weeks of fighting when the RDF 7 command lance was destroyed by the Twelfth Scorpion Cuirassiers, but by then millions of people had died before factories were able to produce breathing masks in sufficient quantities.[3]

Military Deployment[edit]


- Deployment shared with Dorpat[5]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (3 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Dorpat 24.2 Novgorod 39.4 Bruges 51.7 Falsterbo 70.9
Braunschweig 76.9 Antwerp 79.3 Stettin 80.6 Khanquest 89.5
Kalmar 95.8 Hallelujah 96.3 Lübeck 96.4 Köningsberg 99.1
Bremen 113.2 Danzig 113.4 Wismar 113.7 Glory 122.0
Dortmund 124.9 Elbing 127.4 Riga 132.4 Holdout 143.3


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