Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Zechetinu


Launched in secret in April 3058, the Karelia was the second Zechetinu-class corvette to be launched by the Free Worlds League, entering service as the FWLS Karelia. As of early 3059 the Karelia was a part of the League's "secret fleet" and had been stationed in a cloud of cosmic debris near the planet Andurien VII while the crew underwent training on the new WarShip and the Karelia's commanding officer, Commander Rally Montavani, gained the relevant command experience needed to be formally confirmed as Captain.[1]

As a vessel within the secret fleet of the time the presence of the Karelia within the Andurien system was a closely guarded secret; Commander Montavani had orders to assist the local garrison, the First Free Worlds Legionnaires, should any serious rebellion or revolution erupt on Andurien, but the only personnel from the Legion aware of the Karelia's location and mission were the Commanding Officer, General Tracy Fenton, and her XO, Colonel Lutger Schulze.[1]

By 3067 the Karelia had been in service for the better part of a decade and was one of four corvettes of her class and manufacturing block known to be on active service, serving alongside the FWLS Attica, FWLS Sparta and FWLS Tirana.[2]

The Karelia was one of a number of League WarShips to be suborned by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, who operated her as a part of their fleet. The Karelia was one of four assorted Zechetinu-class WarShips to be subverted by the Blakists, and three of those ships - the Karelia, the Tirana and the FWLS Araneida - were destroyed in a major naval battle in the Dieron system in 3077.[3]


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