Kari Marita

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Kari Marita ca. 3073
Kari Marita
Character Profile
Born 3020
Affiliation Word of Blake

Kari Marita was a MechWarrior who served with ComStar, as a mercenary, and with Word of Blake.[1]


Joining ComStar, the young Marita entered the Com Guards and was assigned to the 166th Division. During the Battle of Tukayyid, the 166th was charged with defending the city of Skupo from Clan Wolf, engaging Natasha Kerensky's famed Thirteenth Wolf Guards, the so-called Wolf Spiders, who had slipped in behind them.[2] All but shattered after a days-long hit-and-run battle against the Wolves,[3] the 166th was struggling to rebuild, with Marita promoted to Demi-Precentor and assigned command of the unit.[4]

While remaining with the secular ComStar initially, Marita chose to resign upon Victor Steiner-Davion becoming Precentor Martial of ComStar, unwilling to serve under a deposed House Lord. Unlike many of the Com Guard defectors who left after the promotion of Steiner-Davion, rather than directly joining the Word of Blake Marita instead traveled to Outreach with her battered 'Mech to become a mercenary,[5] with the 166th Division steadily shrinking as over 30 percent of her former soldiers chose to follow her,[6] convincing their old CO to form her own command, the Broadsword Legion.


Remaining on station on Outreach, Marita and the Legion joined Jaime Wolf's budding Allied Mercenary Command and assisted Wolf's Dragoons during Waco's Rebellion on Outreach in 3067 and 3068. This was all a front, however. The Legion showed their true colors when they turned on the Dragoons and helped Word of Blake decimate them during the Second Battle of Outreach (3067). There, she proved her ruthlessness when she killed a Dragoon Hellbringer pilot, Grape in cold blood, crushing his cockpit with her 'Mech's foot. However, this betrayal only enraged the Dragoons, forcing the Blakists to retreat and launch a nuclear weapon over the city.[1]

In the ensuing years, the Legion garrisoned Outreach. Under Marita's watch, the Dragoons resurrected the Black Widow Company. The reborn unit infiltrated Outreach, joining with the Dragoons resistance. Eventually, both groups managed to draw the Legion at an ambush, where they annihilated it. Only a few of its members escaped, Marita included. She returned to Mars with the expectation that she would be executed for her failure. Instead, she was restored to the rank of Demi-Precentor and given a prestigious posting as the executive officer of the Opacus Venatori. She was determined not to squander her second chance and nursed a fierce hatred of the Dragoons, even going so far as to name her newly-upgraded, prototype KGC-008 King Crab "Revenge".[1]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Prior to the destruction of the Broadsword Legion, the quiet and unassuming Marita was an inspirational and hands-on leader, gifted ’Mech pilot and superior tactician. While retaining many of these traits, Marita also acquired an all-consuming hatred of the Dragoons, to the point some members of the Opacus Venatori considered her a liability to the unit.


During her service with the Com Guards, Marita piloted a Thug, her 'Mech's arm mounted PPCs swapped for deadly Clantech ER PPCs after Tukayyid. Destroyed on Outreach, upon her transfer to the Opacus Venatori Marita was given an newly-upgraded prototype KGC-008 King Crab which she named "Revenge".



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