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Karl Devalis

Karl Devalis
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
The Republic of the Sphere
Rank saKhan
Paladin of the Republic
Profession MechWarrior

Paladin Karl Devalis was a Clan Nova Cat warrior and later one of the founding Paladins of the Republic of the Sphere.[1][2]



The Bloodheritage of Karl's Devalis Bloodright was not considered to have been impressive prior to his holding of it. His epic clash with Haim Andrews was however considered to have elevated both his and its reputation, his exploits being placed in the same category as Aidan Pryde on Tukayyid, and Celine Kabrinski's stand against Clan Star Adder.[3]

Ways of Seeing[edit]

As of 3052, Karl was a Galaxy Commander, in charge of the Nova Cat's Delta Galaxy ("Ways of Seeing").[2]

Karl was selected to be saKhan of Clan Nova Cat in 3060, by the newly elected Khan Santin West, following the death of the Nova Cat's previous Khans during the Great Refusal, in which the Nova Cats sided with the new Star League and fought against the Ice Hellions. Karl was selected by West to complement his own weaknesses, Devalis have greater experience as a Galaxy Commander, and being more grounded than the charismatic and visionary West.[4]

Karl however remained in command of Delta Galaxy while saKhan, after requesting the right to keep his Shiva Keshik as a part of that Galaxy, such that in October 3067 being stationed with them on Tabayama.[5][6] In December 3067 Karl was recalled from Tabayama to Irece by Khan Santin West, to address the fallout from the dissolution of the Second Star League.[7][8]

Word of Blake Jihad[edit]

Sometime prior to November 3071 Karl and his Delta Galaxy were dispatched by his Khan to investigate the Kittery Prefecture, reporting back that Devlin Stone was the man which Khan Santin West and Oathmaster Minoru Nova Cat's visions had promised that the Nova Cats should follow as the future of the Inner Sphere.[9]

This led to Delta Galaxy under saKhan Devalis, together with naval support, to abandon the Draconis Combine and join the defenders of the Kittery Prefecture by December 3072.[10]

Republic of the Sphere[edit]

Following the founding of the Republic of the Sphere, Karl Devalis relinquished his leadership roles in Clan Nova Cat, accepting appointment as one of the original seventeen Paladins of the Republic.[1]


Karl was known to pilot BattleMechs, including the initial prototype Ocelot. While not initially impressed by the 'Mech, Karl tested the prototype during a mock Trial of Position, during which he defeated an Adder, Kit Fox and Pack Hunter. He later thanked the former Clan Smoke Jaguar scientists who developed the 'Mech for the Nova Cats for their excellent work.[11][12]


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